Book Review: Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well! (The “Nosebleed” Edition)

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Did you know that we’ve been using English the wrong way the whole time? Yes! We are. Have you ever noticed that we, Filipinos, tend to come up with the easiest words that cross our mind when we need to say something in English? Have you ever heard or read something in English and say it’s sort of “nosebleed?” Filipinism is what it’s called.

“Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well!” is the most straight and casual guide to correcting common English mistakes made by Filipinos.

Book Review: Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well! (The “Nosebleed” Edition) | Cebu Finest

Filipinos do not need to re-learn English. “Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well!” helps categorize the difficulties each person encounters and goes straight to the heart of the problem. Real world examples are used along with clear explanations, avoiding the dreadful task of memorizing too many English Grammar rules. In short, it’s learning English the quick and easy way!

The book is purposely designed to be portable, comprehensible and effective. Its paragraphs are not wordy. In fact, its details are concise and easy to understand.

Don’t just speak good, speak well!

The book is divided into these categories:

English Rules

The authors did an amazing job in making the grammar explanations simple and applicable. The first few pages of the book engaged in the parts of speech and grammar rules ‘focusing on the most common issues Filipinos have’ – prepositions, articles, verb tenses, etc.

Conversation Strategies

The second chunk of the book provides practical phrases, expressions, and sentences that readers can use in different situations – from ordering food to complaining about a poor service to communicating with a colleague.

English Sounds

The pronunciation guide in the third chapter of this book will not give you pain in the head. It is easy to understand and easy to remember too!

Practice what you’ve learn

After learning the principles, readers can practice with end-chapter exercises. The answer keys to these exercises are found in the final pages.

There are additional resources provided by this book. You can log on to the e-Learning site with the provided product key to gain access to the accompanying audio files mentioned earlier. Because of this, you can practice pronunciation and accent hassle-free.

The Verdict

This is a must-have! Reading this book will help you in engaging speaking style, appreciate its readability and useful content. See for yourself!

You can grab a copy of the book, “Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well! (The Nosebleed Edition)” from American English website, or visit for an introductory price of only ₱590.00 and you could get plenty of material for English practice and learning.

It’s about time you start speaking English well!

For more details about this book or if you have further questions on how to secure a copy, join the American English on Facebook.

If you already have a copy of the book and have read it, please let us know what you think by leaving your thoughts in the comment area below.

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