Diagnosis And Test For Sexual Potency

Problems related to sexual potency are a common health concern affecting millions of men around the world. Whether it’s an erectile loss of sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation, these can all prevent gentlemen from leading healthy and fulfilling lives.

Diagnosis And Test For Sexual Potency | Cebu Finest

More often than not, sexual dysfunction is a natural body response to a physical or mental condition. Between aging, unbalanced hormones, stress, relationship problems, and depression, it’s easy for guys to lose their stamina in bed.

Diagnosis And Test For Sexual Potency

In this no-taboo guide, we’ve brought to light the diagnosis and test procedures for male sexual dysfunction. Once you’re able to determine what’s impairing your sexual potency, you can start looking for solutions and treatment to effectively take back control of your sex life.


For starters, let’s distinguish between the two main forms of sex-related conditions and their characteristics.

1) Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile problems, or impotence, are particularly common for men above the age of 40, regardless of sexual orientation. In essence, impotence is characterized by the inability to get and/or maintain an erection during intercourse. When this happens every other day, it’s generally nothing to be worried about — failing to get erect can be caused by fatigue, stress, intermittent anxiety, or excessive alcohol consumption.

If this becomes a regular pattern, however, there could be an underlying physical or emotional cause that requires consultation with a qualified health professional.

2) Ejaculation Problems

Another potency concern for men involves experiencing problems when ejaculating (the act of ‘coming’). It is commonly classified between premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation.

Firstly, a man will not help but reach orgasm and ejaculate ‘too early’ — even though there is no defined standard as to how long intercourse should last, which entirely depends on couple dynamics. For those looking to maximize the pleasure with their partner, using a delay spray can be a viable solution to last longer and postpone ejaculation time to help the partner achieve orgasm as well.

While trying new products may be intimidating, especially for sensitive areas like male genitalia, nothing is perhaps safer or easier to use for those suffering from premature ejaculation. Now, just as with impotence, occasionally coming too quickly is normal. That said, it should alert your attention if it happens during more than one out of two intercourse.

In contrast, delayed ejaculation (male orgasmic disorder) is characterized by either a prolonged or nonexistent ejaculation. This occurs whenever reaching orgasm takes over a half-hour. Unlike erectile dysfunction issues, here the man is able and willing to carry out intercourse but experiences a significant delay in ejaculating.

Much like the premature kind, the male organismic disorder can result from a number of physical and psychological factors, including type 1 diabetes, organ conditions, stress, depression, relationship problems, conditioning, or early sexual trauma. Again, if it occurs often and repeatedly, it’s best to consult your GP.

Diagnosis And Test For Sexual Potency | Cebu Finest

Medical Testing

Nowadays, modern medicine allows for testing and treating a variety of male sexual dysfunction problems. The most important thing is to go in for a consultation as soon as you begin to notice or experience changes in your sexual activity and/or stamina. More often than not, detection at an early stage will help treat the condition and effectively.

It is true that a lot of men will feel uneasy or embarrassed at the thought of going to a Doctor’s office or a clinic to seek help for sexual problems. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of — the more proactive you are, the easier it will be to get treated.

As the first step for testing, the healthcare professional will start by asking a series of questions relating to your sexual activity, frequency, and habits, which should be answered honestly and openly. After that, (s)he will conduct a thorough physical exam. It will begin with a blood test to check your testosterone, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels, along with a blood pressure test.

Next, the Doctor will proceed with a penis and testicular examination to check if everything is normal with the genitalia. A rectal exam may also be carried to verify the state of your prostate. While these steps might indeed feel invasive, they’re necessary to allow the practitioner to determine exactly what kind of condition you’re suffering from, and prescribe the best treatment to remedy the issue in an effective and permanent way (usually either via medication or therapy).

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Ultimately, sexual dysfunction problems are more prevalent than we believe. They can arise from several factors, which are often out of a man’s immediate control. Whether it’s stress, performance anxiety, or more serious health issues, early consultation, and appropriate treatment will go a long way in helping you secure a more satisfying sex life for both you and your intimate partner.

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