Eroc Max Projector: Turn Any Wall into a Screen

Eroc, an e-commerce company committed to home living improvement, is proud to announce its latest innovation, the Max Projector. Set for launch in June, the Max Projector packs features that will enable you to experience a movie night like never before.

Eroc Max Projector: Turn Any Wall into a Screen | CebuFinest

Eroc Max Projector: Turn Any Wall into a Screen

The variety of media available today has broadened the ways in which people enjoy their favorite shows and entertainment. People have more options to select to suit their preferences and lifestyles. With the launch of the Max Projector, Eroc has just added an option for users who want to incorporate a new and exciting entertainment device in their living space.

You only need one thing when using the Eroc Max Projector: a wall. Its 4K Ultra HD resolution allows users to experience that cinematic experience as if they were in a theater. Its screen can be stretched 49 to 200 inches wide with a projection distance of 1.5 to 5.9 meters.

A fan of basketball tournaments? With the Max Projector, you can now watch your favorite sports and athletes on a bigger screen at the comfort of your home. It is equipped with Dolby Audio to experience sound as real and crystal as the moment.

Eroc Max Projector Specifications | CebuFinest

Say goodbye to lag, buffering, and pixelated images that could ruin your overall entertainment. The Max Projector features 3000 Lumens and 1080P resolution to enable users to play videos vividly even at day time. The 4K decoding feature will make video content crisp to provide users with the ultimate cinematic experience. The Max Projector has the latest ZEASN Android OS so users can navigate the device effortlessly. It also comes with readily installed streaming applications, including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, iflix, Disney+, and all other applications you can download from the App Store.

Eroc Max Projector Specifications | CebuFinest

The Max Projector is enabled with features that allow users to adjust their screen horizontally and vertically depending on their wall without having to tilt the device itself.

Here are some of the other key features of Max Projector:

Other key features | CebuFinest

  • AI Smart Dimming
  • Electronic Focus Mode
  • 2.4/5G Dual Wi-Fi
  • Multiple Ports/HDMI
  • iOS and Android Screen Mirroring
  • Remote and mouse control
  • Bluetooth

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The Max Projector will be launched on June 6 to 8, 2023 with 365 Days free replacement, and 30 Days easy return | CebuFinest

The Max Projector will be launched on June 6 to 8, 2023. To celebrate this launch, customers can get up to 44% discount, free shipping vouchers, cashback, 30 days easy return, and 365 days free replacement with every purchase from Eroc’s official Shopee and Lazada shops.

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