How to Add Voice-Overs in your Video Effortlessly

Voice-overs are one of the essential parts of professional videos. Voice over is the voice that is played in the background during a video. It is often used for describing or giving context to what is being seen in the video. Voice overs are usually performed for three types of videos — instructional, informational, and educational, while the narration is more commonly used for entertainment purposes.

Voice-overs are one of the essential parts of professional videos. Voice over is the voice that is played in the background during a video. | CebuFinest

How to Add Voice-Overs in your Video Effortlessly

Many video makers think that imparting a visual effect to a video is more important than doing voice-overs, so they ignore voice-overs while making videos. But that is not the reality, as voice-overs are equally important for a video’s overall success.
Most people watching the video are likely to discontinue watching if the video has bad audio compared to a lower-quality video. According to a recent study conducted by TechSmith, more than 25% of viewers watched a video only because the audio was right; only a few felt that video style and look were most important.
An excellent voice-over is not just important, but it is also necessary and required to keep the audience engaged. But the question is how to record voice-overs that help you grab your audience’s attention?

Pace of audio

It is very important to keep a tab on the speed of the audio. Pacing that is too fast will make your viewers miss the essential points you want to highlight, and too slow speed will likely get them, and your audience won’t know what the main point you are trying to draw through the video is. Also, there are chances of them getting bored. For the best voice-overs, try having a natural and thoughtful pace. The first thing to do is to start writing a script and practicing it before recording the actual voice-over. It will help you speak at a more natural pace.

Add clarity and volume to the audio

The clearness of the vote and a comfortable volume are two of the essential parts of excellent audio. If the recorded voice-over is unclear, it will be tough for people to comprehend. Audiences’ attention will not be grabbed, and it is very likely that they will be distracted and will not be able to take all the information or move on. In a crux, they will miss the message the video is trying to convey them. 
Similarly, if the audio volume is too low, it will be difficult for viewers to hear, and too loud, a volume might annoy them. So the best of the voice-overs are done in an optimum volume.

Making your voice sound better on voice-overs

This is one of the issues faced by most of the people when they start preparing for voice-overs. They become very cautious while recording their voices and many times overdo things. There is nothing to worry about. You do not have to sound like a professional voice artist. Just try being natural and calm, and most important, try being very clear in speech.

Choosing an audio software

There is great audio recording software available in the market, and most of them perform similar functions.
Camtasia has a built-in audio recorder. This allows video-makers to record their voice-over as they record on-screen. However, they can even edit their audio right in the Camtasia editor. A stand-alone audio software might offer more functions to video makers and might be the right choice depending on their requirements.

Here are some easy steps to add voice-overs to your video. | CebuFinest
After you have recorded your voice-overs, the next step is adding to them to the video. Here are some easy steps to add voice-overs to your video:
1) Using video editing software
Various online tools, like voice2v, can easily convert any voice or audio file into a video file with multiple background images and effects. Click here to visit the site.
2) Selecting a professional microphone
This should be the first step, even before one starts thinking about adding a voice-over. Mics are of two types – condenser and dynamic mics. Though condensers give a superior sound output, they also pick up more noise pollution as compared to the other types of mics. 
If you use a professional microphone, you can expect to get very good results; it doesn’t matter that it is not a high-end microphone. One can expect a similar impact, even with a low-cost external microphone.

3) Always do a test recording before adding your voice-over

It is always recommended to go for a test recording to ensure that every piece of equipment works correctly and that the audio levels are intense.  There is no need to record the entire script, but recording a few paragraphs will give you a fair idea about the clarity of audio, pace, volume, and technical glitches.  After all, you want the audio to sound the best on even the most affordable of speakers.
Often, video makers use online software and can convert a file from audio to video and put some artistic effects to make it more impactful. Learn more about this feature.
4) Download apps for actually adding voice-overs
There are many apps available online that let video-makers record voice-overs and add it to their videos. Some apps pick the mic you are using by default so that you can easily start doing voice-over straight away.
5) Finish recording with a click of a button

Once you finish recording, use the stop button; otherwise, the recording stops automatically after reaching the end of the video in many apps. Now you can do your voice-overs in very simple five steps.

Are you ready for your super slick-sounding videos to invade the world of talented video content creators? | CebuFinest

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