5 Things to Prepare when you’re Going on a Road Trip during Undas

It is going to be a busy weekend in preparation for the All Saint’s Day celebration. Since people are traveling back to their hometown to spend some time with family and relatives to visit their departed loved ones, your upcoming road trip will surely be a rough and tough one.

5 Things to Prepare when you're Going on a Road Trip during Undas | Cebu Finest

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It’s an annual practice for Filipinos to go on a road trip this time of the year, and it is just fitting that things must be considered for safety on the long journey. There are more than 30,000 expected to head North of Cebu, and the authorities will implement much tighter security at bus terminals. Checkpoints will be set up to conduct inspections making sure that travelers are safe.

5 Things to Prepare when you’re Going on a Road Trip during Undas

If you’re planning to travel on the road using your own car, you should also check and prepare things for your road trip. You should also travel early to avoid heavy traffic.

Here are 5 things to prepare for a long car journey this holiday:

1) Do a car check.

Perform basic maintenance on your vehicle before you head out such as checking wipers and fluid levels. Schedule any necessary service such as oil changes or tune-ups. Check your car battery to make sure it’s strong and has clean terminals. A road trip is no fun if your car won’t start.

Inspect your tires for any tears or bulges in the sidewall. The tires should have a good amount of tread left. Send your vehicle to a service station and have your car’s brake pads inspected to make sure they aren’t worn or if they need replacing. Also, make sure that you have your car seats checked and see if there are loose bolts and seat belts are properly working.

2) Prepare travel essentials.

5 Things to Prepare when you're Going on a Road Trip during Undas | Cebu Finest

Bring supplies in the event of an accident or a medical issue. Pack your toolbox and emergency kits with a flashlight, spare batteries, first-aid kit and medicines, and some basic tools. Also, bring your drinking water and extra snacks just in case you need to have a drink or a nibble along the way.

Pack a roll or two of toilet paper and tissue. You never know with the cleanliness of restrooms at gas stations. Don’t forget to bring more than you think you’ll need. There’s always the possibility of car sickness, liquid spills, and usual cleanup.

3) Pack light and smart.

Check the load capacity of your car to make sure you are not putting too much weight in the car. Be aware that you use lesser fuel when cargo is lighter. If you utilize the rooftop cargo rack, make sure to assemble light bulky items. Heavy loads on the roof can make the vehicle more difficult to handle.

Properly arrange your belongings in the compartment to avoid breakage on fragile items. It can also avoid dislodging of bags during bumpy roads on the road trip.

4) Mind the kids.

If you’re driving with kids, make sure you bring enough snacks, water, games and videos, music, and books to keep them comfortable and occupied during your journey. Check some activity books and toys. Bring along crumb-free, non-greasy finger foods like dried fruits.

5 Things to Prepare when you're Going on a Road Trip during Undas | Cebu Finest

You can also pack your family some bags of chips and baked goods like bread with sandwich spread and jam, bags of peanuts and chocolate chips. You can simply bring boiled eggs and fruit juices in foil packs that are common to Filipino travel food essentials.

5) Be patient and stay safe.

During busy travel times, expect to hit heavy traffic. Make sure you drop by stops for refreshment and restroom breaks, and time for your fuel stops to ensure you don’t run low on gas.

Make sure you are driving safely and follow traffic rules on your road trip this holiday.

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Your vehicle must be in top shape to have a better chance of staying reliable and efficient on a long road trip. If your car is beyond repair and no longer safe for road trips, better yet trade-in your old car and get a new one for you and your family’s sake. Get ready your checklist for the things you need to prepare and have a very pleasant and safe journey on your journey.

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