How to quickly find bars with happy hour and a great drink for cheap in your area

Happy Hour isn’t just a time to get more for your money, but also have a great time. Different bars and restaurants differ in their happy hours, but all aim at ensuring that you enjoy your time with a favorite drink. However, finding the best happy hour bargains in your locality isn’t easy.

How to quickly find bars with happy hour and a great drink for cheap in your area | Cebu Finest

How to quickly find bars with happy hour and a great drink for cheap in your area

This is where apps come in to help you find a bar or restaurant with happy hour tailored to your unique needs. When working on this article, I came across various apps designed to help you find the best happy hour near you. Check them out in the link below:

10 Apps for Finding Happy Hour

If you don’t find something you like, use the tips below to help you make an informed decision on the right happy hour choice.

How to quickly find bars with happy hour and a great drink for cheap in your area | Cebu Finest

1) Apps with Information on Places Where You Can Find Happy Hours

If you’re looking for happy hour deals near you, there’re apps for that. Although your city is home to hundreds of restaurants and great bars, only a few offer happy hour. Find an app that’s designed to provide information on happy hour deals near you.

The apps can give you details of restaurants and bars offering happy deals, including their specifics. Consider apps designed to find bars or restaurants and check out their reviews for operation times, specials on offer, upcoming events and available cuisine types.

Some apps are also designed to find bars and restaurants with happy hours. Look out for a map feature for directions to the bar or restaurant. The apps also feature reviews from previous users to help you learn about the happy hour venue and make informed decisions.

Apps also offer particular happy hour specials. Find bars or restaurants that offer the specific kind of specials you want.

For instance, a venue that plays loud music may not be ideal for discussions with a friend. You may also want to ensure that the sitting arrangement supports a small or large group of people as necessary. Reviews can help you find out this sort of information about any specific happy hour location.

2) Find a Happy Hour Venue that Offers Specific Deals

If you’re looking for something more specific, apps can also help you find particular happy hour deals. The specials differ from venue to venue. Therefore, find out the drink specials on offer at different happy hour specials to help you find the exact offer you want.

Happy hour specials are as diverse as the hundreds of bars and restaurants in your city. Find the right venue for your specific happy hour special. For instance, margarita specials wouldn’t be available in a wine bar. With apps, you can explore various happy hour specials and what’s on offer in each bar, including specials and venue type identification.

It’s also possible to track specific happy hour venues and specials on offer to help you remember them. You can also tag the place or allow for check-in. This is ideal for future reference to help with remembrance in regards to specials.

3) Choose between Food and Drink Happy Hours as Necessary

Most great bars and restaurants offer drink specials together with food specials. Apart from offering drink specials, the venues also provide almost half the price of appetizers. Food apps often list food specials offered at different bars or restaurants. They also feature bar specials and the type of food to serve.

Food apps with information on various happy hour venues near you may also feature cheap food and drink. Also, look out for good discounts when checking in to lower your costs. Partner with marketing and advertising strategies for optical outcomes.

For instance, you can get a QR scan or codes to provide customers with special moments, for better discounts than a normal happy hour. Check out apps that engage visitors in various happy hour activities with a plan to take place.

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How to quickly find bars with happy hour and a great drink for cheap in your area | Cebu Finest


The duration of a happy hour special also matters. You may also want to buy cheap drinks from apps such as Applebee’s. Choose the best happy hour app for your unique needs. Hopefully, you found these tips handy in picking the right happy hour apps for you.

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