Ila Puti, an Asian & Fusion Cuisine

It’s just a 15- to 20-minute ride from the Fuente Circle or approximately less than 10 minutes away from Ayala Center, Ila Puti serves a different approach to a typical menu you would like to have on an Asian-inspired restaurant. I really don’t know what’s the meaning behind the name, but what attracts me most is the name itself: Ila Puti.

I am not sure if it means something like letting us think about the color white (since ‘Puti’ is white in our local dialect), this restaurant truly would tempt you to enjoy a stay and share a table with friends and family.

I went with my friends and have our dinner and ordered their “specialty” and their offered drinks. We had the common entree, the Asian Pork steak with this hard to remember honey-and-water sauce (Now I got it. It’s “nuoc nam” — Thai fish sauce).

Ila Puti, an Asian & Fusion Cuisine | Cebu Finest
Asian Pork Steak with Garlic Rice and Nuoc Nam (Thai sauce)

We had different shakes anyway, so, I would like to share this experience with you.

I just thought the Citrus Sunburst shake was great. It complimented the pork steak I ordered (Sorry, but I don’t have pictures of their gigantic 22 ounce shakes since I indulged myself with the food and lots of chitchats to accompany that). My friends had the chocolate-vanilla-whatever-is-in-it shake and another fruit shake.

Well, all tasted good and somehow, I loved it since it’s my first time eating there at Ila Puti. The “Garlic and Shrimp” rice is overwhelming with taste. For me, the rice overpowered the supposedly delicate pork steak and I was wishing I just had a plain rice to come along with the main course.

We also got a serving of garlic mushrooms and giving it a try would be good, especially those mushrooms, garlic and green herbs lovers.

Ila Puti, an Asian & Fusion Cuisine | Cebu Finest
Garlic Mushroom with herbs

When mushroom is on the menu, I will never missed ordering at least one serving (and it always reminds me of my eldest sister, Pauline, who has lots of creativity in every plate she serves, with mushrooms, of course, from pasta carbonara to meat rolls) and Ila Puti’s garlic mushroom is worth a try.

You can check more about this place through their website. So, give Ila Puti a try and tell us about your experience with them. Their store is at i1 Bldg., Cebu IT Park, Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City. You can also contact them by phone at (032) 415 8800 or you can drop them an e-mail at

Logon to the Official Website of Ila Puti for more details.

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