LTO-7 expands services with new Extension Offices in Central Visayas

The Land Transportation Office in Central Visayas (LTO-7) is taking concrete steps to make renewing licenses and registrations a breeze. Recognizing the challenges faced by residents in far-flung areas, LTO-7 is strategically expanding its reach by opening four new extension offices.

LTO-7 expands services with new Extension Offices in Central Visayas | CebuFinest

New LTO-7 Extension Offices, District Office in Central Visayas to Shorten Travel Time

LTO-7 Director Glen Galario announced the opening of these new facilities. Two Extension Offices: One in Naga City, Cebu, and another in Consolacion Municipality, Cebu. The exact locations for these offices are yet to be determined, but residents can expect updates soon.

  • One District Office: This office will be situated in Alcoy town, Cebu, and is expected to open its doors this very month.
  • One Extension Office: Bohol residents can look forward to a new extension office opening in Tubigon Municipality later this year.

The establishment of these new offices signifies LTO-7’s commitment to bringing its services closer to the people. This will significantly reduce travel time for residents, particularly those residing in geographically isolated areas. No longer will they be forced to undertake lengthy journeys just to process essential LTO transactions.

LTO-7’s Current Footprint in Central Visayas

Even before this expansion, LTO-7 already boasts a robust presence in Central Visayas (Region 7). Here’s a breakdown of their existing infrastructure:

  • District Offices: A total of 17 district offices serve the region, with 9 located in Cebu, 4 in Negros Oriental, 3 in Bohol, and 1 in Siquijor.
  • Extension Offices: Currently, there are 5 extension offices in Cebu and 1 in Bohol, providing additional service points for residents.
  • Licensing Centers: Cebu residents have access to 7 licensing centers, while Bohol has 2. These centers handle specific LTO transactions, further streamlining the process for drivers.

Relocation for Enhanced Service in Cebu City

In April of this year, LTO-7 took another step towards improved service delivery within Cebu City. They officially opened a new licensing office at Piazza Elesia. This relocation aimed to achieve two key objectives:

  • Improved Accessibility for Northern and Mountain Residents: The new office’s location provides easier access for residents residing in the north and mountainous areas of Cebu City.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The previous office on N. Bacalso Avenue will now be dedicated solely to administrative functions. This separation will allow for better organization and a more efficient workflow.

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A Brighter Future for Drivers in Central Visayas

The expansion of LTO-7’s presence in Cebu and Bohol, coupled with the relocation of the Cebu City licensing office, paints a positive picture for drivers in the region. These initiatives demonstrate LTO-7’s dedication to making essential services more accessible and convenient.

With shorter travel times, streamlined processes, and strategically located offices, drivers can look forward to a smoother and less time-consuming experience when dealing with LTO transactions.

Visit the official website of the Land Transportation Office for the latest information and updates. You can also find details on requirements, fees, and application processes for various LTO transactions.

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