Most Popular Logistic Services in Southeast Asia

The success of a company’s operations heavily depends on the quick transportation of goods to customers. Naturally, seeking the most popular logistic services can help in achieving that. However, simply choosing a popular service might not be enough, and you may need to make further considerations, such as the company’s capabilities.

Most Popular Logistic Services in Southeast Asia | Cebu Finest

Most Popular Logistic Services in Southeast Asia

That said if you are in Southeast Asia, and you need a logistics provider, here are some of the most popular.

Fetch Me

Fetch Me is one of the new logistic services to enter the industry. It is based in Singapore and is known to be highly effective at delivering any range of goods to customers. The company offers a smartphone interface, which connects them with customers at any time, from any place. They have even facilitated the process by allowing companies to schedule deliveries with automated technology. Fetch Me also provides last minute delivery services, which are great for companies that want to deliver supplies at short notice. This Singapore based company allows you to track the progress, and also set your own delivery price.


Deliveree is one of the more affordable popular services in Southeast Asia, offering rates equivalent to competitive corporate rates. That is rarely found outside of large trucking services. They are known especially for their shipping from Jakarta to Malang, which they accredited to their growth that is estimated to be 200%. This increase in volume has seen them cater to over 1 million customers that look for the best prices when it comes to the Jakarta-Malang cargo route.

Most Popular Logistic Services in Southeast Asia | Cebu Finest


Known for its creative storage methods, Boxful has implemented these methods throughout Hong Kong. This made possible their success, and that of their customers, seeing as the dense population of Southeast Asian cities can get overwhelming. Though, this is not the only solution they offer, as they can also be summoned by the touch of a button, through a smartphone.


Haulio is perhaps one of the most popular companies that are known for their quick and convenient services. They have not let Singapore’s busy ports stop them, having over 33.7 million shipping containers that pass through yearly. Their success is accredited to their scheduling algorithms, their constant support and easy communication between themselves and the customer. Haulio has begun expanding across the region, entering markets in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.


A veteran logistic service, Anchanto is an online selling platform. Based in Singapore, the company is focused on developing its eCommerce technology in order to expand throughout Asia and Europe. They have powerhouse clients like ASOS, Levis, Zalora, Lazada and more.

Ninja Van

Ninja Van is a very popular logistic service that already has operations in many countries across Asia, with operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. However, since it is based in the Philippines, most of their operations come from there. They offer a reliable and flexible service that is designed to streamline the business’s deliveries. The Ninja Van app can be used to place orders, pay, and track. Ninja Van uses parcel boxes, which allows customers to easily retrieve packages from nearby units with the use of a code.

Most Popular Logistic Services in Southeast Asia | Cebu Finest

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When a business hopes to increase its success, they should always look to hire the most popular services on the market. Many of these services streamline the transportation process and offer apps that can be used to place orders, track and then pay for it. They make shipping less painful, and with the tracking feature, more secure. Remember, if you are looking to save money, opt for a service that offers competitive pricing.

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