NBI Clearance Satellite Branches in Cebu

The NBI e-clearance launch in the NCR (National Capital Region) area last September of 2012, residents of Cebu were hoping that this service will be available as it is more convenient in getting NBI clearance needed for work, traveling abroad or any need that arises.

There are processing kiosks available in the area to have your clearances secured. Aside from the main office at the Central Visayas Regional Office in Capitol Site, Cebu City, we have looked for other ways to process your NBI clearance—at the malls.

NBI Clearance Satellite Branches in Cebu | Cebu Finest
NBI Clearance Application Form [Photo credit: www.glammamomma.blogspot.com]

There are two available satellite branches:

– Robinsons Cybergate, across Chong Hwua Hospital, Cebu City
– J Centre Mall, A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City

In Robinsons Cybergate Satellite Branch

The NBI satellite office is at the mall’s 3rd floor. The actual processing will only take 20-30 minutes. It’s the waiting on the queue that will take you longer. The NBI Clearance branch will operate from Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 5pm. The mall will open at 10am as well. However, it is fitting that you go to Robinsons Cybergate around 9am so you can be among those who will be in front of the queue.

In J Centre Mall in Mandaue City

The J Centre Mall branch is also situated on the 3rd floor. Similar to Robinsons Cybergate, actual processing only takes 20-30 minutes but you need to wait longer for the line. It is said that this satellite branch can process 600 applicants for a day. This branch will operate from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10am to 7pm. Mall starts opening at 10am.

Frequently Asked Questions on NBI Clearance Processes*

1) We heard there is a new system of clearance processing at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)?

– Yes, the NBI is now implementing the NBI Biometric Clearance System, which involves the scanning of the ten fingers of clearance applicant. If the previous system of taking fingerprint impressions uses ink and is messy, the new system uses fingerprint scanner and will not leave any smudge on the fingers.

2) How do we apply for NBI clearance under this new system?

– Go to the nearest NBI clearance outlet, the list of which will be enumerated below, and line up to get an application form. Answer all the required personal data on the form.

3) What are the steps and requirements in applying for the new system?

– The requirements are two (2) valid Identification Cards, such as:
a) Valid passport
b) Voter’s ID
c) Driver’s License
d) PRC License
g) Postal ID
h) School ID
j) Philhealth ID
k) Authenticated Birth Certificate
l) Alien Cert of Registration
m) Senior Citizen
n) Previous Copy of NBI Clearance

– The steps are as follows:

a) Present the accomplished application form, together with two (2) valid ID’s, to the Data Check Counter, for checking if data are complete and correct;
b) Pay for the corresponding clearance fee at the Payment Counter;
c) The data on the application form will be encoded at the Data Entry or Encoding Counter. A PC monitor is provided for the applicants to check any encoding error, thus, avoiding repayment on their part and complaint against the encoder;
d) Picture-taking or image capture and scanning of the applicant’s fingerprints (Biometric) will follow;
e) At the Image and Biometric Counter, name of applicant is automatically searched against the Name Database to check whether one has no or with namesake;
f) NBI clearance certificate of one who has no namesake will be printed at the Printing Counter and released on the same date of application;
g) Those with namesakes are verified against the Criminal History Database to check whether one has criminal record/s;
h) Those with namesakes are advised to proceed to the Releasing Counter located at the Ground Floor of the Clearance Building, on the release date written at the back of the Official Receipt;
i) Those found to have criminal records are advised to proceed to the Quality Control for an interview. Interviewers will require an applicant to execute an Affidavit of Denial if he is not the offender and Court Clearance/Order if he is the offender.

NBI Clearance Satellite Branches in Cebu | Cebu Finest
NBI Clearance [Photo credit: www.onepebblecab.blogspot.com]

4) How much do we pay for NBI clearance application?

– Clearance fee depends on the purpose of application such as the following:

Cancellation of Alien Certificate Of Registration (ACR)
Clearance Fee – P/415.00

Business Requirement
Change of Name
Permit to Carry Firearms
NFA, POEA, PRA, SEC Requirement
Clearance Fee – P/165.00

Travel Abroad
Visa Seaman
Local Employment
Other Requirement
Clearance Fee – P/115.00

5) How do persons living abroad apply for NBI Clearance?

– Secure NBI clearance application form from the Philippine Embassy/Consulate in the country where applicant resides, else, ask a relative in the Philippines to send application form, which can be secured from the Office of the Identification and Records Division (IRD), 4th Floor, NBI Clearance Building, UN Ave., Manila.

Accomplish the form and ask for assistance in taking your fingerprint impressions (rolled) and have it signed by the one who assisted in the fingerprinting. Attach one (1) 2×2 picture in a white background, photocopy of passport, photocopy of Identification Card/s and authorization letter if a relative in the Philippines will submit the application on your behalf. This relative will also be in-charge of sending you your NBI clearance certificate.

If you are sending the application to the Philippines thru mail or forwarders, address same to Ms. Julie Macalit, Mailed Clearance Section, 2nd Floor NBI Clearance Building, U.N. Avenue, Ermita, Manila. If you will send a check, it should be payable to the NBI Director in Philippine currency in the amount of two hundred pesos (P200.00) with drawee bank in the Philippines. If you will send cash, dollars are acceptable, the amount of which, is equivalent to two hundred pesos (P200.00). Your NBI clearance certificate will be mailed to you thru air mail.

6) How about foreign nationals who need NBI clearance?

– Fill-out the NBI application form for foreigners (red Fingerprint Chart). You will also be required to fill-out the application form for the Biometric Clearance System. Indicate on the application form your name that is reflected on your passport. Attach the photocopy of your passport and Alien certificate of registration (ACR).

– Go through the steps of clearance processing, after which, submit the application to the Alien Counter, where you will be fingerprinted for rolled impression.

– You will be advised when to claim for your NBI Clearance Certificate.


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