Pamper yourself with Chocolate Desserts

You can never wrap up a full-course meal if you don’t include “to-die-for” chocolate desserts from the menu. To accompany the already full stomach (and yes, they always say there’s room for dessert), we will introduce to you two of the most amazing pieces of art to clear your table. And believe me, they made me give into complete surrender.

First up, we recommend the “Death by Chocolate” from Casa Verde.

Pamper yourself with Chocolate Desserts | Cebu Finest
Death by Chocolate (Casa Verde), ₱125.00

Dark chocolate rocky road cookie with dark chocolate ice cream on top, covered with dark chocolate crispy whatever-you-call-it-it’s-the-same-with-the-chocolate-coating-you-get-from-cornetto-ice-cream. And yes, ladies and gentlemen. All you can get is dark chocolate!

Not to forget the still dark chocolate syrup drizzled all over the masterpiece. This will satisfy your sweet tooth that you would be asking for more after you finish the first serving.

The next to the deathly, chocolatey and heavenly chocolate is another dessert that you wouldn’t like to miss. One of the best items from The Mooon Cafe is the “Magic Cake”.

Pamper yourself with Chocolate Desserts | Cebu Finest
Magic Cake (The Mooon Cafe), ₱95.00

It is surely one magical experience if you dip your spoon to the moist chocolate mousse and the added
mango bits (it’s like Mango float but all chocolate) and sprayed with smooth white cream and chocolate shavings. After having a heavy meal, this dessert will definitely sum up everything.

This is best served when it’s cold and soft and you can also have plain wheat bread to clean the bowl off from the drippings of chocolate goodness.

Both Casa Verde and The Mooon Cafe can be located at The Walk, Cebu IT Park (opposite the Waterfront Hotel and Casino entrance gate).

We hope we have tempted you with the god’s favorite food: chocolate! Have it a go and try to experience the chocolate weekend with family and friends.

Enjoy your night!

How about you? Did you try the ‘Death by Chocolate’ or the ‘Magic Cake’? Or have you tried another sweet temptation delights here in the Cebu City area? Share your experience with us and recommend us your favorite chocolate desserts. Drop your answers in the comments section below.

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