Excellent small businesses to consider starting today in Cebu

Demand for goods and services continues to develop because of the ongoing global pandemic and job displacements in the country. Since the majority are online now, social media comes along with the changing desires of customers. People living in Cebu nowadays are more accessible to new brands and institutions, making it easier for the business sector to get located via the Internet. In reality, over 99 percent of the Philippines’ registered firms are micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). During the lockdown, this figure could have risen as more small businesses opened online.

Excellent small businesses to consider starting today in Cebu | CebuFinest

Excellent small businesses to consider starting today in Cebu

By starting your own business, you can be your own boss and improve your finances. Here are 5 small businesses you can set up in Cebu, or anywhere in the Philippines, even with low capital.

1) Home-Cooked Meals

One of the most enjoyable low-capital business ideas, particularly if you have a passion for cooking, is to sell home-cooked meals. It’s time-consuming, but with this business, you will only need capital, and you need to initially invest in meal ingredients, plastic containers, and kitchenware.

On social media, you can advertise your meals online for a start and only prepare meals on a made-to-order basis.

2) Bills Payment Center

Small business solutions overcome the key pain points for clients, such as not having to go to payment centers to pay bills or send money. You can manage a digital payment provider that offers your neighborhood bill payment, remittance, and smartphone e-loading services. This low-capital business will send you the income, and repay your investment for six to eight months.

This is a perfect way to raise your sales if you already own a sari-sari store, eatery, internet shop, or other small business.

3) Delivery/Courier Services

As more and more individuals chose to buy online, the need for delivery services in the country continues to grow. As part of their shopping experience, customers consider delivery, so it is essential for a courier to take care of the packages during transit and deliver them on time.

To offer or advertise your services on social media, you can collaborate with an online store.

4) Cellphone Loading

Perhaps one of the easiest small business ideas to put up is a loading service for mobile phones. You may start making money at home or even at the workplace. Nevertheless, unlike other small business concepts in Cebu, don’t expect this enterprise to earn much. You get your earnings from a commission as a load dealer. For instance, depending on your selected telecommunication firm, a prepaid load worth ₱30 can subtract ₱27 from your load wallet, leaving you with a ₱3 benefit.

Like bills payment and cellphone loading services, E-Wallet cash-in and remit can also be an excellent small business since the majority of the online businesses accept e-wallet, like GCash or PayMaya1, as payment options.

5) Baked Goods, Pastries and Cakes

During your spare time, do you enjoy baking? Why not turn this hobby into a business that is profitable? A cake and bakery business is an ideal way to make money at home. You can make delicious bread and pastry you can sell online.

Start by defining and describing your specialty by your target market. To help you market your brand, don’t forget to find a supplier who can supply ingredients at a cheap price and create a Facebook or Instagram profile.

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Did you find some small businesses that suit you? You can be your own boss with tactics and innovation, even with low capital. Determine your target market in Cebu before starting up a company. Be sure to pursue numerous business concepts that not only meet your requirements but are also highly lucrative.


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