Safety measures in case your area will be hit by a typhoon

It is very important to be always alert when there is a public weather forecast that a bad weather condition like a typhoon or heavy rain will be experienced in your vicinity. To make sure that everything is well prepared and ready, here are some helpful and safety tips in case there is a typhoon:

Safety measures in case your area will be hit by a typhoon | Cebu Finest
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Characteristic of flood damage in urban area

Since the roads are paved with asphalt in urban areas, a huge amount of rainwater can flow into the sewers at once, so drain system cannot work. Eventually, rainwater comes out from manholes or side ditches. Flooding can result in great damage to the underground and underground service areas.

When you are in the underground, you should pay attention to rainfall and time span of rain. The speed of running water is so fast that it will be difficult to evacuate up to the ground. If you expect a flood, evacuate as quickly as possible.

Preparations for safety measures before the typhoon

Pay close attention to the meteorological information by TV, radio or the internet. When a typhoon is close, do not go out in heavy rain. Do not go to a riverbank, and seashore to watch what’s going on there.

Safety measures in case your area will be hit by a typhoon | Cebu Finest
Atom Araullo at the #YolandaPH news covered in Tacloban [Photo credit: Twitter; screen crab from ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs program]

In case of strong winds

When you are outside. Watch out for falling roof tiles, signs, street trees, etc. Try not to walk down. Evacuate into a sturdy building.

When you are inside. Watch out for broken glass. Do not get close to the windows during strong winds.

When you are on the seashore. You may fall into the sea or be caught in a high wave. Evacuate immediately to higher ground.

In case of heavy rain

When you are on the river side. Due to heavy rain, head-water may be swelled quickly. Do not get close to the river, etc.

When you are driving. When the roads are flooded, evacuate to higher ground.

Safety measures in case your area will be hit by a typhoon | Cebu Finest
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When you are in the street. If you encounter flooding, evacuate immediately up to higher ground over three floors in the building.

When evacuating in times of typhoon

Clothes. Protect your head with a helmet or anything you can cover your head. Wear shoes with good traction. Do not wear rain boots and do not go barefoot.

Pay attention to water depth. In the case of a flood, if the water is running slow, the possible depth for walking is 70cm for men and 50cm for women.

Pay attention to your feet. In the water, there are uncovered manholes or side ditches. When walking, check the safety around your feet using a long stick.

Do not evacuate alone. Call out your neighbors and evacuate with them as a group. Not to be apart. Tie a part of your body with a rope.

For children and elderly people. Carry elderly or sick people on your back. Give an inner tube (flotation device) for children to ensure their safety.

If a shelter is far. If you cannot reach an evacuation area, temporary evacuate to higher ground over 3F in the building.

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