Is VigRX Plus the solution for THC-related ED?

After the recreational use of marijuana was made legal in ten states, more than eleven million individuals in the U.S alone now regularly use marijuana for recreational purposes. And in the wake of this phenomenon, some side effects of the drug have been repeatedly reported, with one of them being erectile dysfunction (ED).

Is this enhancement pill the solution for THC-related erectile dysfunction? | Cebu Finest

Is VigRX Plus the solution for THC-related ED?

This, of course, is only a side effect when the drug is abused; in most cases, when inhaled or consumed on a daily basis without medical supervision. Although it’s mostly used to manage and control pain, many regular recreational users have reported ED after regular use, alongside difficulty in focusing, and other mental and physical impairments.

ED, in general, is a tough disorder to treat. Some treatments focus on eliminating the causes, while in many cases, the causes are rarely ever crystal clear. There are numerous pills in the market to treat ED, but recent studies show a correlation between enhancement pills and treating marijuana-related ED in particular. Read on to find out more.

Does marijuana cause ED?

Is this enhancement pill the solution for THC-related erectile dysfunction? | Cebu Finest

Chemicals that make up marijuana, also known as cannabinoids, number over a hundred. The main chemical, however, is tetrahydrocannabinol, which is also known as THC. While CBD is known to be medically beneficial, it is THC that causes side effects such as intoxication, dizziness, and mental impairment. Some users consume the drug through baked goods, which may also have added negative side effects.

The most common side effect of consistently using THC has impaired sexual health, which can lead to ED in the long run – a rather embarrassing condition that causes the inability to get or maintain an erection. The condition may also make it difficult for individuals to ejaculate and is known to have an indirect effect on fertility.

Although synthetic forms of THC can be used as a medication for some conditions, the drug has yet to be approved by the FDA, primarily because it’s still under study. Until today, the idea that marijuana can cause ED is still based on speculation; however, recently, some studies have explored a drug known as VigRX Plus which is used to treat ED specifically caused by THC abuse. Anecdotal evidence and user reviews have shown positive results. Some users have even reported lasting results even when they stopped taking the drug.

This is particularly interesting, seeing as enhancement pills in general work as long as they’re used consistently, and no effects are seen when an individual stops taking the drug. This draws a connection between ED that is specifically caused by marijuana and enhancement pills and suggests that the disorder is not permanent when caused by the abuse of THC.

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Is this enhancement pill the solution for THC-related erectile dysfunction? | Cebu Finest

How does an enhancement pill work to treat ED?

Studies that tested VigRX Plus in particular in treating ED have shown that when patients took two capsules every day for twelve weeks, their ability to penetrate their partners has increased by almost 60%. Test subjects were also able to maintain an erection, alongside seeing improvement in other aspects of sexual function such as sex drive. These results prove that the drug is much more efficient than any placebo effect that works to treat ED. Subjects were also able to see improvement in sexual satisfaction, sexual desire, and orgasmic functions. These experiments were based on peer reviews and were tested on subjects aged 25 to 50.

However, the enhancement pill does have some significant disadvantages as well, primarily the cost of it. For one, it’s not sold over-the-counter at local drug stores and must be purchased through online sources. It’s also relatively expensive compared to its competition. Many of its loyal users, however, find these cons outweighed by the benefits.

Seeing as this enhancement pill is more efficient than other names in the market, the hefty price tag doesn’t seem to be a problem for many. Companies that sell the pill also offer discreet packaging and billing to prevent any potential embarrassment. Medically speaking, what makes the pill more efficient than other names is Bioperine, which is known to make the main ingredients in the drug more efficacious. It also contains aphrodisiacs, which helps to treat low sex drive almost instantly. This is primarily what makes the pill give the impression that it works immediately, despite the initial effects being based on placebo.

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Marijuana-related ED is now considered a treatable disorder with the numerous male enhancement pills on the market; however, some brands work more efficiently than others, and offer lasting effects that don’t see an immediate decline as soon as patients stop taking the drug. The connection between THC abuse and ED is still under scrutiny, but based on peer studies and anecdotal evidence, male enhancement pills seem to effectively treat the symptoms of ED.

Note: Before using products like these, it is advisable to check the local laws regarding its use. Some products and their components are not legal everywhere.

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