The Brian’s Ribs at Casa Verde and why you should try them

Before going back to work last night, I was so hungry my tummy is “begging” me to stop by to any restaurants and have dinner. And besides, I haven’t had any since this morning. So, I decided to have a big platter of Brian’s Ribs in Casa Verde, The Walk, Cebu IT Park.

The Brian’s Ribs at Casa Verde | Cebu Finest
The view from the outside dining area

Casa Verde (Spanish for “greenhouse”, inspired by the roots of the owners) is well-known on its big servings, with those maroon over-sized plates, spoon, and fork. Believe me, when your orders will be served, suddenly you’ll think, “I guess we ordered too much.” Well, not too much (in my case, no) but the food is huge, and the presentation and style are so unique, you will keep on digging in and you would realize it’s all gone.

I stayed at the outdoor dining area and called a waitress to take my orders. So, I usually fancy Fish and Chips (which, we will talk about on our next post soon), but for now, I had in mind their Brian’s Ribs, Casa Verde’s trademark. I added mashed potato and Raspberry Iced Tea. All set, the waitress went inside and all I can do is wait.

The Brian’s Ribs at Casa Verde | Cebu Finest
The Casa Verde signage from the back area

It took quite a while for my orders to be served. It’s already dinner time and people from the nearby offices started flocking in to have good bites for the night, so I just took pictures around the place.

It was raining last night, so I just sat there, waiting for my Brian’s ribs, very excited to get a glimpse of it since I haven’t had their house specialty for quite awhile. The waitress approached me, handed over the huge Raspberry Iced Tea (by the way, they serve it unlimited). Then, the long wait is over. The glistening platter of the baby back ribs (it’s gigantic) came with my added mashed potato. Took a picture of each, and started munching. Brian’s ribs cost you ₱208.00; Raspberry Iced Tea for ₱65.00, already bottomless.

The Brian’s Ribs at Casa Verde | Cebu Finest
The ‘overwhelming’ Brian’s ribs, with plain white rice and buttered vegetables. For ₱208.00

And my favorite Casa Verde’s mashed potato with gravy. Each serving costs ₱40.00. It’s my all-time favorite, the mashed potato. I even ordered a serving at any restaurants (even at KFC!)

The Brian’s Ribs at Casa Verde | Cebu Finest
Mashed Potato! It looks like a scoop of ice cream. ₱40.00 per serving
The Brian’s Ribs at Casa Verde | Cebu Finest
Ice cold bottomless Raspberry Iced Tea (₱65.00).
The Brian’s Ribs at Casa Verde | Cebu Finest
My dinner. Joined together, happy together!

It took me for a long time to finish everything, and again, I thought, “I ordered too much.” But still, I finished them all anyway. It was good. While playing a game of Diamond Dash on my iPad, and sending a message to my boss that I will be returning to my desk after my dinner, the wait was worth it. I went inside, paid my bills, and while waiting for my bill to be printed, I took some snap of the ambiance in the restaurant to show you what’s inside.

The Brian’s Ribs at Casa Verde | Cebu Finest
An array of spirits at their wine bar near the cashier area.
The Brian’s Ribs at Casa Verde | Cebu Finest
Are those the olden time golf clubs? Oh, hockey clubs. You can see these hanging on the wall.
The Brian’s Ribs at Casa Verde | Cebu Finest
Prototype-sized airplanes. I want one for my room, too.

As you may see, the ambiance is awesome from the inside. The 1960s, American-inspired, Marilyn Monroe theme. They also had this old jukebox where you can request a song to be played. Awesome!

The Brian’s Ribs at Casa Verde | Cebu Finest
The “toy” airplanes and the movie poster frames hanging at the front dining area

Give Casa Verde a try tonight, or this weekend with family and friends. I am sure you will enjoy your experience, too.

Visit the Casa Verde Official Website to learn more details about their menu, and other branches in Cebu. Join the Official Casa Verde Facebook Page for promos and events.

How about you? Did you try eating at Casa Verde lately? Or do you like to have an experience like Cebu Finest? Drop your comments below and share your thoughts with us!

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