The thrills continue at Parkmall’s “The Hospital”

Parkmall, one of Cebu’s shopping destinations, opens their Halloween attraction this year—The Hospital. Every day, hundreds of thrill-seekers lined up to be admitted with the first and only mall in Cebu with a horror booth every Halloween season.

The thrills continue at Parkmall's "The Hospital" | Cebu Finest
The doctor is in at The Hospital [Photo credit: Parkmall]

Parkmall continues the thrill this Halloween

As it becomes an annual tradition, Parkmall never fails of giving shoppers, guests, and patrons a good scare at a pocket-friendly rate of ₱50.00 per entry. This year’s horror theme is in connection to their Survival Horror Park last year. It certainly gave customers a fun time to spend with family and friends as they fought back against the attacking zombies with their phaser guns.

Staying true to its theme this year, The Hospital simulates the eerie calm that patients feel in real hospitals. Upon entering, and considering it is a horror-themed amusement, you might contemplate an abandoned, scary and death-defying experience at The Hospital.

As you enter The Hospital

Even though ghouls are forbidden to touch the guests during entry, however, they are still not safe from being scared stiff, especially if they have a phobia of blood or hospitals. That’s how scary it is at The Hospital.

The thrills continue at Parkmall's "The Hospital" | Cebu Finest
[Photo credit: Parkmall]

Once you enter the Halloween attraction, there will be areas for people to take photos with a corpse of a patient in a wheelchair with a gore-splattered wall behind him. This is an amazing opportunity for the guests’ keepsake of their horrifying experience.

One group of 4-6 people is allowed admission to The Hospital at a time. Bags, mobile devices, and other personal belongings are strictly not allowed inside the area and must be deposited at the baggage counter for safety.

The Hospital is open from 1PM to 9PM daily until November 6, 2016. It is located on the 2nd floor of Parkmall.

For more details and other announcements about this attraction, join the Official Parkmall Facebook Page.

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