Top 10 Game Shows available for live streaming on your smartphone!

We’ve all come to love the regular game shows we see on TV, and we’ve all probably wished to be there on stage and have a shot at winning the special prizes. Well, there’s now an easier way to experience the same kind of thrill right at the comfort of your own home!

Top 10 Game shows Live on Your Phone! | Cebu Finest

Top 10 Game Shows available for live streaming on your smartphone!

Kumu, the first and only Filipino social TV network, brings you entertainment that is beyond what’s possible with our traditional television experience. Its innovative live streaming technology allows for seamless interaction between content creators and their audience, making it the newest social media to watch out for.

Armed with pure creativity and the intention to genuinely make people laugh, the app has produced shows in record speed, with ten fun game shows in just ten months.

Here are the top ten game shows accessible through your smartphone:

1) Quiz Mo Ko!

For those who haven’t tried competing in quiz bees during their childhood, you might want to try out the flagship gameshow of Kumu! Quiz Mo Ko is hosted by Maui Manalo, Carla Cab, Chef Kia, Doc Miles, and none other than KC Montero himself. With questions ranging from easy to difficult, and the added excitement of competing against other people online, this game show is sure to keep boredom at bay!

Watch out for special episodes, like the one where they gave away 1 million pesos with guest host Christine Reyes. QMK recently celebrated their 100th episode, truly a game show that tickles the curiosity of the Kumunity!

2) Winner Winner Lechon Dinner

Before your tummy growls in hunger, let me warn you that the prize is not an actual lechon dinner. Coined after PUBG’s “winner winner chicken dinner” phrase (which, legend says, came from Las Vegas casinos), this game show features various party games hosted by The Art of Chill Studios—an artist collective born out of like-minded live streaming users from the app.

3) Sing Tanong

You’d probably guess correctly what this game show is all about. And yes—it’s a musical trivia game! But on top of that, this game show also features musically talented couple Earl Cabatingan and Ffyona Baas who will gladly sing their hearts out for you! They originally started live streaming to pay for college tuition, and now, these homegrown talents host Sing Tanong for their musically-inclined viewers. After playing this game, you might have a better appreciation for Filipino arts and music.

4) Pinoys Doing Stuffs

Are you familiar with that odd satisfaction you get in seeing other people do fun and wild dares? This intentionally misspelled game show aims to give you just that, or if you’re bold enough, you can be on the spotlight yourself. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do the bidding of hosts Chef Kia, Marga Manalo, and Carla Cab.

5) Nosebleed Show

Do you know how Filipinos would say “nosebleed” when someone speaks in highfalutin English? That is what’s in store for you in this show that features passion projects and advocacies of modern-day entrepreneurs. Hosted by Margaux Sue Cortez, this talk show is also a trivia game where the best listeners have better chances of winning!

6) Bilang Go!

No, you’re not going to jail for playing this. Paolo Tabuena hosts the first ever numbers gameshow of Kumu that will stimulate your brain with counting and computing tasks. You have to be quick on your feet and outwit other contestants for a chance at winning the cash prize—which, by the way, is a nice addition to your bank account.

7) May Tama Ka

This game only comes with two options: tama o mali—but the fun it brings is a thousandfold! This comedic noontime game show is hosted by Blessy Villafuerte, Sandy and Becko, Summer is live, JiejietheTraveller, Patrick Medalla, and Marrk Estacio—vibrant personalities who will surely turn your humdrum noon to a laughter-filled one!

8) May Tamang Host

If you’ve always wanted to be in the spotlight—not just as a participant—but as THE host of a show, then this is the right game show for you. There’s no need to queue up for auditions anymore. Just whip out your phone, put on your best self, and you might win the chance to be the next host of May Tama Ka! Hosted by Patrick Medalla and Thea Naelgas, this show airs every Sunday at 3 PM.

9) Beki Quiz Night

This game show is surely going to be a delight to play for LGBT allies and members alike. McPol hosts this hilarious show that tackles everything gay under the sun, from music to lifestyle, arts, and movies! Tune in every Saturday at 8 PM for new learnings and a burst of hearty laughter!

10) Kumunity Face-off

This is the ultimate game show for Kumu fans out there! Get ready for a winner-takes-all battle where your trivia knowledge about the Kumu app will be tested. However, unlike the gameshows mentioned above, you are not alone in this one. You must make the teamwork to make the dream work! Using the powers of the “Kahon ng Kapalaran” hosts Marrk Estacio and Gian Rufino will take you for a crazy ride that all Kumunities will surely enjoy.

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What are you waiting for? Download the Kumu app now and join the fun of the Filipino live streaming community! Who knows, you might just be the next sought-after content creator or a game master of your own show!

About Kumu

Kumu is a powerful live streaming platform that prioritizes the voices of over 100 million Filipinos and communities around the world. It enables you to meet new people, make money, and play games. To know more about Kumu and to download the app, visit the Kumu website at today.

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