Hacktivate the Future with AIA Philam Life Hackers 2020

Did you know that existing insurance penetration in the Philippines is less than 2%? This means that if unforeseen life events arise like catching or dying of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Filipinos and the families they left behind will have to find ways and means to pay hospital bills or settle debts. If you have a genius technological, innovative concept, or creative approach to get Filipinos to reconsider the value of protection at a faster pace, then join AIA Philam Life Hackers 2020 where the best and brightest of them will offer game-changing solutions to help AIA Philam achieve its commitment to help Filipinos live Healthier, Longer and Better Lives.

Hacktivate the Future with AIA Philam Life Hackers 2020 | CebuFinest

Hacktivate the Future with AIA Philam Life Hackers 2020

Now in its second year, AIA Philam Life Hackers 2020 will take place on its online platform from November 27 to December 2, 2020. The competition is open to all college students around the country, 18-year-old and over, with five participants per team.

“We are very excited to hear from the Gen Zs, the innovative ideas and tech solutions they will propose, to help us address the protection gap situation in the Philippines at a faster rate,” shared Kelvin Ang, AIA Philam Life Chief Executive Officer.

Distinguished professionals in diverse fields will also share their expertise to help students hack the problem statement, with Grace David, Edukasyon.ph Marketing & Partnership Leader, Joan Magno, Canva Product Expert, Martin Gonzales, Google Organizational Growth and Start-Up Leader, and AIA Philam Life Senior Leaders joining the roster.

AIA Philam Life Hackers 2020 Schedule | CebuFinest

Competition Guidelines

The teams must create a proposal to solve the problem: “How do we ensure more Filipinos at a faster rate and make our brand promise of helping people live healthier, longer, better lives more concrete?”

The teams may present any kind of solution under the following categories:
• Technology
• Marketing Campaigns
• Product / Service Development and/or Innovation

All teams will start conceptualizing at the same time, initially through a half-day breakout room session with their team members and an AIA Philam Life Mentor. The team members may continue to collaborate among themselves, on their own, for three (3) consecutive days.

For marketing campaigns and product/service development or innovation proposals, the final output of the team must be a PDF file not more than 15 pages.

For Technology proposals, the final output of the team must be a project folder containing all assets and a project abstract, uploaded in the assigned Github repository.

All teams must submit their proposals on December 2, 2020, at 6 PM in the AIA Philam Life Hackers Platform or the assigned Github Repository. Failure to submit on time will result in disqualification.

All teams will have full ownership of the ideas, concepts, and solutions that they built during the AIA Philam Life Hackers 2020 competition. The team may pursue funding with investors after the competition but for the purpose of commercialization. However, AIA Philam Life has the right of first refusal to invest in the development and execution of these solutions.

Mechanics and guidelines may be edited/revised by the organizers of the event without prior notice.

The decisions of the official judges are final and unappealable.

Event Schedule

The schedule of AIA Philam Life Hackers 2020 activities are as follows:

November 27 AIA Philam Life Hackers 2020 Launch & Breakouts
November 28 to December 2 Pitch Preparation
December 2 Pitch Submission (uploading in the AIA Philam Life Hackers platform)
December 3 Pre-finals Judging
December 4 Final Pitch & Awarding

Join AIA Philam Life Hackers 2020 | CebuFinest

Winners get to bring home cash prizes over ₱200,000, along with internship opportunities at AIA Philam Life, and a chance to bring their projects to life.

Visit the Life Hackers official website, and AIA Philam Life Facebook Page. You can also send them your inquiries via email at contact@lifehackers.ph, or call (+63 916) 725 0353.

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Students all over the Philippines are starting to sign up for AIA Philam Life Hackers 2020! So, what are you waiting for? Only a few days left to join the biggest Hack Fest for students in the country as registration closes on November 20th or until slots are filled. Get ready to Hacktivate! Visit https://www.lifehackers.ph to sign up.

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