Deliveries made more affordable with Lalamove

Lalamove keeps things moving and businesses running with safe and hassle-free delivery services across borders with their fleet of light trucks, multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), utility vans, and motorcycles. As Cebu remains in quarantine and with the holiday season fast approaching, Lalamove delivers all kinds of possibilities at more affordable rates!

Deliveries made more affordable with Lalamove | CebuFinest

Deliveries made more affordable with Lalamove

Ongoing until November 30, 2020, in Cebu only, deliveries through motorcycle bookings are at a fixed price of ₱60 for the first 3km, with succeeding charges of ₱9/km, while multi-purpose vehicle rates now start just at ₱185 and L300/FB trucks still at ₱450. For added convenience, a multi-stop feature allows up to 20 stops in one booking, and an e-wallet feature for cashless transactions can be topped up for as little as ₱300.

Save up on your next delivery and enjoy fast, seamless, and affordable services with Lalamove. Book your on-demand or scheduled deliveries with the Lalamove app, available on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and

Lalamove was established in Hong Kong in December 2013. Today, it operates in 21 cities across Asia and Latin America, including Cebu and Manila in the Philippines. It provides different vehicle options that fit according to the needs of the customer, easy customer transactions, allows flexible schedules, and multiple bookings to help businesses of all sizes grow their reach. For more information, visit and on Facebook.

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About Lalamove’s Deliver Care Initiative

Empowering Local Communities to Deliver Positive Change.

We are stronger when we work together. Through our Deliver Care initiative, we aim to empower local communities. We believe that when we work together, we can deliver positive change to build a better future in the local communities that we serve. At the same time, we are committed to enriching the lives of our employees and Partner Drivers through employment and training. Click here to know more.

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