Where can I get free COVID-19 testing in Cebu?

Don’t wait until your symptoms get worse before you get medical help. Like any disease, early intervention is the key to the successful treatment of COVID-19 testing. Getting treated early will also ensure prompt assistance for your contacts. They may be more susceptible to infection.

Free COVID-19 swab testing centers in Cebu | Cebu Finest

Where can I get a free COVID-19 testing in Cebu?

COVID-19 is highly contagious or easily passed on to others. We need everyone’s help in detecting the disease early and stopping transmission in close contact with each other.

It’s been about four months since the Coronavirus disease outbreak began in the country. Based on recent reports, there is no decline in COVID-19 cases in Cebu as a whole. In fact, new cases are reported every day.

Several hospitals and clinics have now been accredited to perform their own swab/rapid testing. This means that if we have symptoms, we can now be voluntarily tested at the nearest test center.

Cebu City

The Bayanihan Cebu-DOH Swabbing Center will officially open on July 13, 2020, Monday. It is located on the 2nd floor of the IC3/IEC Buildings (entrance via ramp at basement parking).

It’s a 12-booth facility, where DOH med-techs will collect swabs and all specimens will be processed by the DOH for free.

While the priority set by DOH has been the frontliners and at-risk/vulnerable population, the DOH has now opened the swabbing to even those not belonging to Subgroups B-F, as per DOH risk-based testing guidelines, but limited to those who are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms.

Bayanihan Cebu has set up a help desk for facilitating the setting of appointments for groups/individuals via the numbers below. These numbers shall be active starting tomorrow. It is preferred that appointments be set, but walk-ins are accepted as well.

Bayanihan Cebu-DOH Help Desk Contact Numbers

from 7 AM – 10 PM from 10 PM – 7 PM
0905 359 8952
0905 359 8953
0905 359 8954
0905 359 8955
0905 359 8956
0905 359 8958
0905 359 8959

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, from 8 AM to 12 NN, and from 1 PM to 5 PM. Anyone who will be going to the Swabbing Center is advised to wear their face masks before leaving their homes to get tested. Also, bring your own pen as there are forms that need to be filled out at the center.

Cebu vs. COVID-19 | Cebu Finest
Cebu vs. COVID-19 | Cebu Finest

Cebu City Cluster Clinic Schedule and Cebu City Hotlines

Cebu City Cluster Clinic Schedule
Mondays to Fridays 8 AM – 5 PM

  • Tinago Gym, Barangay Tinago
  • Brotherhood Gym, Barangay Basak, San Nicolas
  • Sawang Calero Gym, Barangay Sawang Calero
  • Cebu Medical Society Compound, Barangay Banilad

Cebu City Hotlines

0923 937 8599
0923 937 8596
0909 943 1037
0909 940 2158
(032) 233 4194
(032) 254 8637
(032) 411 0102
(032) 411 0126

Mandaue City

The Mandaue City Government encourages its constituents to call or text the Barangay Fever Clinics to schedule a check-up should they have flu-like symptoms.

Mandaue Barangay Fever Clinics COVID-19 Cebu | Cebu Finest

Lapu-Lapu City

The residents of the City of Lapu-Lapu can contact the following hotlines:

Lapu-Lapu City Hotline

0961 731 7999
0961 729 3000
0916 704 0391
0916 441 6690
0932 104 1164
(032) 340 2124

24/7 COVID-19 Hotline

0956 394 1999
(032) 341 3771

Lapu-Lapu City Health Office

0916 468 0115
(032) 340-2584

Avoid the three C's Lapu Lapu City COVID-19 | Cebu Finest

COVID-19 24/7 Hotlines (Central Visayas)

Department of Health Central Visayas Center for Health Development Regional Epidemiology Surveillance Unit (RESU)
0922-397-2334 / (032) 402-3091

Health Emergency Management Services (HEMS)
0943-568-3298 / 0945-157-6004 / (032) 402-1269

Provincial Government of Cebu Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO)
(032) 888-2329 local 1271 and 1272

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Other questions relating to travel bans, curfew, and LGUs Executive Orders:

Cebu Province Public Information Office
(032) 888-2329 local 3011 and 3013

Cebu City Public Information Office
(032) 254-8632 / (032) 411-0132

Mandaue City Public Information Office
(032) 230-4500 local 1082

Lapu-Lapu City Public Information Office
(032) 260-4942

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