Make the most out of shipping with DHL Rewards Program

DHL Express, the world’s leading international express service provider, launched a new promotion under its DHL Rewards Program to give loyal customers in the Philippines a chance to redeem shipping credits and exclusive discounts on their next DHL Express shipment.

Make the most out of shipping with DHL Rewards Program | CebuFinest

Make the most out of shipping with DHL Rewards Program

“More shipments mean more chances to earn miles, which can be converted to shipping credits. This is a great time for customers to earn rewards and take advantage of DHL Express’ fast and reliable logistics services supported by our extensive global network,” said Nigel Lockett, Country Manager of DHL Express Philippines.

A customer who ships through any DHL Express ServicePoint nationwide is eligible for DHL Rewards. No registration is needed, and a customer automatically earns miles on the first shipment.

Claire Canaugan owns a handicrafts and accessories business based in Cebu and is a DHL Rewards Diamond Tier Member.

“The rewards not only earn me miles and give me savings on shipping but also make me feel special as a loyal DHL Express customer,” said Canaugan.

Jenalyn Gaoat is an online seller of garments and food that relies on DHL Express for her shipping needs.

“I found out about the DHL Rewards through a fellow regular customer. Being a Diamond Tier member is such a big help to a small business owner like me. On top of the Express Easy rates, you also get 15% off when you reach the highest tier. I highly recommend this to other small business owners,” said Gaoat.

For Gold members (0 to 49,990 miles), every ₱100 paid is equal to 100 miles or ₱5 off on the next visit. A gold member needs a minimum of 2,000 miles to redeem. Accumulated miles can be used as a shipping rebate until the member reaches 50,000 miles or Platinum level. Customers can also use the miles in conjunction with other discounts. Shipping credits are available to published tariff rates only.

For Platinum members (50,000 to 99,999 miles), a discount of 10% is given on the next shipment, while Diamond members (100,000 miles and up) get a 15% discount. The shipping miles cannot be converted to shipping credits or used in conjunction with other discounts.

“The DHL Rewards Program is designed to ensure our customers get more out of their shipments with us. By regularly shipping with DHL Express, they will have the opportunity to earn miles and get rewards such as exclusive merchandise and discounts. And as they earn more miles, they will have access to exciting rewards,” said Eric Queppet, Head of Commercial at DHL Express Philippines. “This is our way of showing our customers how much we value their continued patronage.”

The promotion period is until December 31, 2022, and is valid only at DHL ServicePoints nationwide for export shipments.

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For more information about the DHL Express Rewards program, visit the DHL Rewards website.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-133503 Series of 2021.

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