Win A Wish Blogging Contest with ShopBack Philippines

Ever wanted fairy godparents to grant all your wishes? With the Win A Wish contest, this is now entirely possible! This year, ShopBack Philippines is setting out to fulfill your biggest dreams. Sure, they are already granting the wishes of shoppers who love a good discount or cashback, but ShopBack is hoping to go beyond that this year.

Had your eye on something offered by one of the many merchants for a while now? Now’s the perfect time to tell ShopBack about it. One of these amazing items may just be yours to keep!

Win A Wish Blogging Contest with ShopBack Philippines | Cebu Finest

Think back to the time you really, really wanted the new Benefit Brow Collection from Sephora. Not just one of the items, but the entire range – enhancer, gel, highlighter, you name it. Or to Christmas last year, when you fell in love with a pair of Oli Casual Mstyle 17 Low Cut Sneakers while browsing Lazada. The reason why you didn’t receive them that December’s because Santa’s no mind reader!

Maybe, you were eyeing CashCashPinoy deals just yesterday evening, and dreaming about an island staycation in Davao or the Caramoan Islands. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life in the city for a weekend sounds like a dream – and dreams can be turned into reality with a little fairy dust.

Win A Wish Blogging Contest with ShopBack Philippines | Cebu Finest
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Just kidding! ShopBack doesn’t have magical powers. Sure, they offer great discounts and promotions for shoppers out there. Granting wishes on a daily basis may sound difficult, but that’s exactly what ShopBack Philippines does every day – giving shoppers cashback and great discounts!

Though, they always looking to outdo ourselves. Promotions and sales are great, but doesn’t granting of wishes sound even better? Here’s a treat in store for you – what they have is the Win A Wish contest.

Are you excited yet?

Win A Wish Blogging Contest with ShopBack Philippines | Cebu Finest
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Simply write a blog post detailing at least 5 items from any of ShopBack’s merchants you’d love to win. ShopBack Philippines is keeping an eye out for the most original, creative and popular blog posts out of all contest entries, so let your creative juices run wild! While you’re at it, don’t forget to include a short guide on how to use

Done writing a post you’re sure your viewers would love to read? Spread it like wildfire on social media! Get all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ to lend you a hand and give the post a boost.

Will you be one of the 10 lucky winners?

Win A Wish Blogging Contest with ShopBack Philippines | Cebu Finest
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We’d love to reach out to every participant of the contest, but even if you aren’t one of the lucky 10, don’t fret. ShopBack Philippines will be awarding 2 Most Popular Winners on social media too, so rope in all the friends and followers you can possibly get. There’s more great news: another 5 Consolation Prize Winners will be picked out of the lot!

Get your pens and papers out – it’s time to make a wishlist of things you’d love to receive from ShopBack’s Win A Wish Contest. There are tons of merchants from ShopBack you’d want to explore, so don’t wait!

Find out more about ShopBack’s Win A Wish Contest here. Good luck!

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