7 Essential Things every Cebuano traveler needs to know before visiting El Nido

Those stunning images of El Nido with those rocky limestone formations rising above the clear turquoise waters are sure to captivate every Cebuano’s heart and soul. There is no denying that El Nido remains one of the most popular destinations not just from Cebu, but in the entire Philippines. Hundreds and thousands of tourists and travelers’ book cheapest flights to El Nido and arrive here to enjoy the little paradise on the planet. There is breathtaking nature, scenic mountains and the people are warm and friendly.

7 Essential Things every Cebuano traveler needs to know before visiting El Nido | Cebu Finest

Cebuanos love to travel. Be it for business or for leisure, they wanted to experience other destinations even though Cebu is already a good one. For all those from Cebu who plan to visit El Nido, they can browse AirAsia online flight booking offers and go through the following essential things to know about El Nido before they leave.

7 Essential Things every Cebuano traveler needs to know before visiting El Nido

1) Book in advance and pick the airport widely. Whether it is airline booking or accommodations, if you want a spot for yourself during the peak season, make sure to book in advance. El Nido Airport and Puerto Princesa Airport are the two options to enter El Nido, and flights to the Puerto Princesa Airport are a lot less costly.

2) El Nido can be expensive. When you compare El Nido to other major cities in the Philippines, you are sure to find it a bit more expensive. Even if you lodge at expensive hotels, you might not get the quality services you expect. Restaurants, wines, and cocktails can be expensive, and those boat tours are sure to blow away a significant portion of your budget.

3) The WiFi and cash. It is better to carry plenty of cash for as there is only one ATM in the city, and it is mostly out of order. Although most hotels and restaurants advertise Wi-Fi, the connectivity can be slow and weak. Thus, you cannot rely on stable and strong Wi-Fi networks while in the area.

4) Unlock your phone in advance. Buy a prepaid SIM card and make sure to unlock your phone well in advance. Smart and Globe are the two SIM card options available in the Philippines, and you can purchase prepaid internet packages, and these seem to have better coverage.

5) Frequent electricity blackouts. Who does like electricity blackouts? Even Cebuanos don’t like them considering the ongoing energy situation in the Cebu province. but these are very common in El Nido. Do not forget that you are on a tropical island and when the electricity goes off, one is never sure when it would return. Luckily, most hotels and restaurants have their own power backups.

6) Pay the environmental tax. As a tourist, you need to pay the environmental tax, so make sure you have an adequate budget. The environmental tax is for about $4 USD and valid for ten days. Luckily that is enough to cover most of the activities. However, you need to pay another $4 USD if you extend your trip beyond the ten days.

7) No hospital. As there is no hospital in El Nido, this is something most tourists are concerned about. The hospital in Puerto Princessa and a Medical Center in El Nido are the only ones where you can avail of medical facilities if you fall sick. And you are likely not to be impressed by the hospital services. So, all you can hope is not to get involved with any kind of health issue.

7 Essential Things every Cebuano traveler needs to know before visiting El Nido | Cebu Finest

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Just keep the above info in mind if planning to holiday in El Nido. After all, it pays to travel as a well-informed holidaymaker and make the most out of your trip. Better be sure to make all your bookings and accommodation well in advance, especially to the most popular island-hopping tour. Explore those stunning beaches and nearby islands and swim in the turquoise waters.

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