All that Spaghetti Factory

Yet another gastronomic adventure, taste testing on everything kid’s party goodness, oozing sauce delight, slurping to the max… spaghetti; but probably to a higher level of dining experience. Here in Cebu City, you can find the Spaghetti Factory branch at the 3rd floor, New Expansion Wing of Ayala Center Cebu.

It is one of the only two branches they have in the Philippines, one being opened as its first outlet at Glorietta, Ayala Center Makati in February 2003.

All that Spaghetti Factory | Cebu Finest

Now, what interests me about this place is the idea of eating the kid’s party’s favorite spaghetti goodness to a higher level of dining. It might be that I have not tried eating spaghetti this way, but I found the chance really good.

There you have a food vocabulary expansion through knowing all types of pasta because once you take your seat, a waiter would give you their massive menu and ask you to choose your desired pasta from their “Pasta Directory”. Honestly, what I know that time was lasagna, and spaghetti and fettuccine (I didn’t know the spelling I need to google it first) and penne (pasta that looks like huge tubes of pens; that’s why it’s called ‘penne’. Thanks to Food Network).

But when you open their menu, you can see more varieties of pasta and sauces.

All that Spaghetti Factory | Cebu Finest
Baked lasagna with basil and garlic bread
All that Spaghetti Factory | Cebu Finest
Fettuccine in white sauce with garnish and grated cheese
All that Spaghetti Factory | Cebu Finest
Green spaghetti with greens garnished with fried bacon bits

After you’ve chosen the pasta, you would think you’re done, but you’re not. You need to choose the sauce for your pasta that you fancy. If you’re not sure what to pick, and since Italians know better on pasta cuisine, you can ask the waiter what’s best for a good pairing: tomato, cream or their vegetarian sauce.

All that Spaghetti Factory | Cebu Finest
Chicken fritters and potato fries with mayo and lemon to squeeze

They also serve sodas, iced teas, and juices. Finger foods are available as well like the Chicken fritters and potato fries. Well, what’s best for french fries? Lots of dipping sauce. In this case, we have mayo with onions, pickles, and red bell peppers.

There you have it. All the pasta goodness in one place! We wanted to order and try more but we cannot dig into everything in one visit. We will surely drop by Spaghetti Factory soon and get another variety of Italian pasta.

For more details about this place, you can join them on their Facebook Page.

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How about you? Do you fancy pasta today? Visit Spaghetti Factory at the 3rd Floor of Ayala Center Cebu. You can also them at (032) 238 5301. Buon Appetito!

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