Sta. Fe Beach Club, Your Private Heaven

Are you thinking about having a vacation in Boracay but you ran out of budget? Or maybe, are you looking for an alternative destination since you have heard that Boracay is too crowded and you wanted a peace and quite sea view escaping the hectic life in the city?

Sta. Fe Beach Club, Your Private Heaven | Cebu Finest

Sta. Fe Beach Club is the best place to be

Noted as one of Philippines’ best beaches and islands by CNNGO, Bantayan Island can provide you, somehow, the Boracay feeling for your next summer trip or family vacation with a lesser expense, no airfares, and no uber fancy ‘districts’ to drain up all your money.

How To Get There?

Barangay Hagnaya is situated 11 kilometers from Bantayan main town, a northern province in Cebu. From the city proper, you need to ride a bus from Cebu North Bus Terminal which is approximately 4 minutes away from SM City Cebu. You can have a taxi or a private car, if available, to go to Hagnaya in San Remigio, Cebu.

It will take you approximately 2-3 hours to Hagnaya Port. From there, you need to ride a ferry going to Sta. Fe, Bantayan for an hour and a half.

From Hagnaya Port, which is considered the gateway to Bantayan Island, you will then arrive at Sta. Fe Port. As you dispatch the ferry, Sta. Fe Beach Club will be the first beach resort that you can see.

When You Arrive At Sta. Fe Port

The best thing about Sta. Fe Beach Club is its very welcoming service as they will fetch you with a van going to the main entrance gate until guests reach the front lobby. You can take a walk from the port to the entrance, though, however, riding a vehicle would be much more comfortable and convenient (especially if you have lots of luggage).

All you need to do is to contact them for reservation and set a date and the van service driver will be meeting you raising a small signage with your name written on it. Now, that’s what I call “great service!”

Sta. Fe Beach Club, Your Private Heaven | Cebu Finest

When you arrive at the beach club, the white sugary-like sand and the blueish-green ocean (that’s very exaggeratedly described which I believe is true as a plus factor) will start calling you for a swim but checking in first would be nice since they will help you with your luggage.

The warm hospitality is there and the Boracay concept of the place will surely make you stay longer.

Food and Other Services

If I’ll describe their food in one word? That’s “Wow!” You’ll enjoy everything from varieties of sandwiches to simple 3-in-1 coffee, snacks, and main courses. It is not just the tasty food that really wowed me, but the kitchen staff and crew would be knocking at your door taking your orders (providing guests with a well-presented menu with lots of variants to choose from).

Sta. Fe Beach Club, Your Private Heaven | Cebu Finest

They would start roaming around an hour before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They would even ask you if you favor for a snack. They would also come near you while you sit in front the majestic sea enjoying the view under the white umbrella gazebos asking for your orders.

That is simply cool! And not only that, they would even ask you in advance if you wish to have a couple of bottles of cold beer so they can suggest for a ‘pulutan’ like garlic shrimp or even in red chili sauce. Yum!

Rooms, bathroom, and shower, bed sheets, clean everything… Awesome!


They have rent-a-boat for an island hopping or jet ski. You can even rent a volleyball and play with friends. On your island hopping, you can add up from 500.00 to 1,000.00 for a seafood lunch!

As an alternative to indulging yourself to Sta. Fe Beach Club, you can also try staying at Ogtong Cave Resort which is like 10- to 15-minute away from the beach club. What makes Ogtong Cave Resort different to Sta. Fe Beach Club is their swimming pool and the Ogtong Cave itself.

Sta. Fe Beach Club, Your Private Heaven | Cebu Finest

I can assure you, having a vacation at Bantayan Island will satisfy your summer and your escapade. Even my Korean friends enjoyed their short stay in Sta. Fe Beach Club. As Jinyoung commented when I showed him pictures of my previous Bantayan trip, “Wow! It looks really nice.

It would be the best place I have ever been.” Actually, after spending 3 days and 2 nights at Sta. Fe Beach Club, he surely had fun (and lots of sunburns).

Hope you will like your stay, too. If you do, please share with us your story of your experience and taste of adventure to the Paradise Island of Bantayan.

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By the way, Sta. Fe has an airport and you can get there through a chartered flight. If you’ll ask me how to get one, I would suggest you contact Sta. Fe Beach Club through the link below:

For more details about this amazing paradise in Cebu, call them at (032) 438 9090 or (032) 438 9107; mobile number (+6393) 244 18587. You can also visit the Sta. Fe Beach Club Official Website today.

Other Resources:

CNNGO’s article on Bantayan Island

Disclaimer: Sta. Fe Beach Club is neither owned nor partnered with us. We have featured them since we have experienced their service. We are not officially connected with or sponsored for us to be able to give out information like rates and fees, availability, food, etc. All thoughts expressed in this post are solely our own and do not express the third party’s influence.

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