“The Light in the Wound” by Christine Brae (A Book Review)

I was assigned to make a book review. I was thrilled with the task since it was my first ever book review as a blogger. The book, “The Light in the Wound” by Christine Brae, was highly recommended by my friend who got me really interested in engaging in my book review. I borrowed it from her and immediately read it the night after.

“The Light in the Wound” by Christine Brae (A Book Review) | Cebu Finest

So I sat down on the floor across the room, while my husband lay on the bed, preoccupied with his phone. I was apprehensive of engaging in a new book. I couldn’t recall the last time I ever devoted my time to read such. Turning its first few pages was nostalgic. The feel of the paper smoothly running across my fingers got me recalling of my yesteryears.

As I started with the prologue and thought, “Okay, this is going to be intense” (and intense is not a usual word you would usually describe a book with a silhouette of a woman on the cover that clearly screams of romance), I was unaware that got me turning to the next chapter. Like a slice of chocolate cake while on a strict diet, I just flipped page after page wanting to find out more.

The story was both mesmerizing and painful. The story revolves around Isabel who narrates her roller coaster love affair and her bittersweet relationship with her family. The progression was emotionally tormenting, as it took me through Isabel’s life as a little girl, through her teenage years, all the way to adulthood. As I turned each page, I knew then that this is not your run-of-the-mill romantic novel, but one that pairs the happiness with a bitter reality of how life works. There’s a love triangle, angst, a troubled home, all jam-packed in 372 pages, all the while envying her and at the same time grateful that I have my own story to write.

“The Light in the Wound” by Christine Brae (A Book Review) | Cebu Finest
The full book cover spread of “The Light in the Wound” [Photo credit: leopardreviews.blogspot.com]

At a certain point of the story, my emotions were a complete mess. I felt sick and I wasn’t sure I could keep reading on. But as the story got deeper, she [Isabel] did something that changed the course of the story which made me favor her even more. Her character is strong, brilliantly independent, warm, and caring. She’s a woman who has learned from her experiences and made the right choices, even if they were painful ones. She learned along the way and it reflected in her life later on.

She’s definitely a character that a lot of women can relate to – I know I did. Here’s a thought after reading the book, love is never easy. It doesn’t care if it’s good for you. The heart can be a dangerous thing and it can lead you to a path the can be destructive. As you grow and learn, you learn about different kinds of love, friendship, and relationship. This is how a romance novel should be!

The Book

Author: Christine Brae
Release Date: July 23, 2013
Number of Pages: 372 Pages
Genre: Romance, Chick Flick, Young Adult, Fiction, Contemporary
Main Characters: Isabela Amarra, Jesse Cain, and Alex Ailey

The Author: Christine Brae

A full-time career woman who knew she could write a book about her life, Christine Brae then made it possible. Never did she expected that the hearts of thousand women have walked through the same story in life.

“The Light in the Wound” by Christine Brae (A Book Review) | Cebu Finest
Christine Brae during her book signing tour in Ayala Center Cebu last September 12, 2015.

When not battling with the thoughts inside her head or spending late nights at the office, Christine can be seen raging for shoes and purses on malls, running half a mile and spending time with her loving husband and adorable children.

The Cover

The cover is a silhouette of a girl dressed in a pretty summer dress for the beach. The Isabel portrayed at the beginning of the story. An innocent girl who’s carefree and sweet.

The Prologue

The writing was flawless. At the very first few words, I was engaged and wanted to know everything right away. It was captivating that when I started reading, I found myself carrying on until my eyes were puffy. Great job, Christine!

The story is being told in such a unique and clever manner that gets you hooked up right away.

The Story

I love the rhythm of this story. There was never a dull moment. The transition covers the life of Isabel Amarra before, during and after her married life. She had Jesse- her long-time lover and Alex- who’s always to the rescue. I also adore how the two main men in the story were being characterized. I must say, I love Christine’s writing style.

Isabel’s life has been a roller coaster ride. Every single word of the story would complete the puzzle of every info of how she has become.

Running in circles with two handsome guys—Isabel is with and had spent seven long years with Jesse, whom she believed was the man of her dreams. She was always there for him, stuck in his shadow. She gave up her dreams and dwelled into whatever Jesse wants her to be. Baggy clothes and no makeup on was the Isabel for the years they’ve spent together. It was heartbreaking for her to lose herself and gave up every single thing just to make her man happy—Acceptance and belongingness are what she’s looking for and she found it in the arms of Jesse.

As Alex, a guy she met and became friends with way back in high school has always been her great knight. Alex was always there for her to comfort and be the shoulder to cry on whenever things get sour with Jesse. He admired her so much that he fell in love. A David Beckham in the making–he sure is hot.

Each character got where they needed to be. They were unique in each and every way. The story is unlike anything I’ve read.

The Ending

Trust me, have your box of tissue. This novel is a tearjerker. There is a lot of mystery that would make you read every bit and flip one page to another.

Who is she going to marry? Is it gonna be Jesse, her first love? or Alex, her best friend who stood by her side during the raging storm?

Are you on Team Alex or Team Jesse? (but at some point in the book, you’ll find your heart breaking for Jesse!). Heads up, this is not your typical love triangle dilemma.

“The Light in the Wound” by Christine Brae (A Book Review) | Cebu Finest
Christine Brae and I for our photo ops after the book signing last September 12, 2015 at The Gallery, Ayala Center Cebu.

The Insight

The story does not focus on romance, but it has a lot of aspects that showcases the values in life. It teaches us independence, how to take a risk, how to value ourselves and the people we love and to discover who we really are and want we always wanted to become. The Light in the wound is a story about love, family, friendship, trust and development of one’s self.

This book is a story of life– how it molds us, how it devours us and how it brings us genuine happiness, how we comply with its desires and great possibilities.

The Verdict

As Christine Brae’s debut- the book is absolutely amazing. It’s something I’ll look forward to reading again and again and again. The story is heartbreakingly beautiful. There are so many lessons we learn in life and the pain and joy we step along the way.

Overall, this deserves two thumbs-up! From reading the book, you’ll get a good heartwarming, emotional story. I highly recommend it.

The Quotable Quotes

Pictures don’t lie, they actually remind you of the memories you push to the back of your mind because you would rather not remember. -Isabel Amarra

I will never settle for anybody who didn’t love me enough to make me a priority. -Isabel Amarra

No man is worth hurting yourself over. Remember that, Isabel. You gave up too much for him. Don’t do it again. There is nothing wrong with who you are and where you came from. Someday, when the time comes, you will realize that being socially different shouldn’t matter when someone loves you. -Claudia Holtzer

“The Light in the Wound” by Christine Brae (A Book Review) | Cebu Finest
Having my own copy of “The Light in the Wound” being signed by Christine Brae.

If I were to describe the book in one word, that would be heart-wrenchingly beautiful. And I know, that was three words, because this book deserves more than one word. As I turned the last page, I felt as if I have lived her life. And then I realized, it was way past four in the morning. It was time to get back to writing my own love story.

The “Light in the Wound” is currently available in all leading bookstores in the Philippines.

Christine Brae also published three other books: His Wounded Light, Insipid, and In This Life.

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