ASUS Philippines launches its first ever PixelMaster Grand Prix, Cebu to host Visayas Leg

ASUS ZenFone’s renowned PixelMaster Master Class, an 8-month campaign that aims to develop the photography skills of budding ZenFone mobile photographers with help from esteemed names in the industry, is coming to a close. Because of this, the minds behind the aforementioned campaign is pulling out all the stops for the culmination of its first run, which began all the way back to May of 2018.

ASUS Philippines launches its first ever PixelMaster Grand Prix, Cebu to host Visayas Leg | Cebu Finest

ASUS Philippines launches its first ever PixelMaster Grand Prix, Cebu to host Visayas Leg

In celebration of the campaign’s success, ASUS Philippines, in collaboration with the ZenFone PixelMasters, is inviting all of the PixelMaster Master Class students, ZenFans, and ZenFone mobile photographers to the first-ever PixelMaster Grand Prix.

The PixelMaster Grand Prix is a nationwide photo marathon led by the respected and celebrated ZenFone PixelMasters: Ricky Ladia for Travel Photography, Arlene Donaire for Visual Story Telling, Jasper Tejano for Street Photography, Emir Kahn Bautista for Wedding Photography, Dail Deri for Conceptual Photography, Ken Go for Portraiture, Jay Ermitaño for Documentary Photography, and Nicco Valenzuela for Landscape Photography, all of whom the Grand Prix participants will have a chance to meet, greet, and learn from once more, if not for the first time.

The event is set to happen in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao beginning April of this year and is open to all ZenFone users – from the first generation to the current series, and some lucky non-users as well.

This makes the PixelMaster Grand Prix the biggest ZenFone mobile photography event yet in the Philippines. And as such, it is only fitting that the winning participants of each leg should only take home the big rewards, with over ₱50,000.00 worth of prizes up for grabs.

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ASUS Philippines launches its first ever PixelMaster Grand Prix, Cebu to host Visayas Leg | Cebu Finest

Registration is absolutely free, and already includes a marathon kit with special ZenFone merchandise for all chosen participants! Check out the complete mechanics below for the event:

The PixelMaster Grand Prix Mechanics

1) Interested participants should first sign-up as an official member on the ASUS ZenTalk Forum. Once a ZenTalk account has been successfully made, participants must then sign up at the official microsite. Participants must also indicate which leg they will be joining, as each run will be led by a particular group of ASUS ZenFone PixelMasters:

• Manila Leg April 27
• Cebu Leg May 4
• Davao Leg May 5

Participants are only eligible to win the main prizes if they are ZenFone users. However, limited slots will be opened to non-ZenFone users who will get to successfully register. These non-ZenFone users will be lent a ZenFone, but they will only be eligible to win the minor prizes.

Registration Period: March 6, 2019 – April 20, 2019

Note: Registration for Cebu and Davao will be extended until May 2, 2019, Thursday.

2) ASUS Philippines will be filtering the participants who have successfully signed-up due to the limited slots available for each leg. Shortlisted participants will be messaged via SMS and Email as early as April 5, 2019. Shortlisted participants are then given until April 12, 2019, to re-confirm their availability on the leg day. No confirmation means forfeiture of slot/s.

3) ASUS Philippines will be releasing the official list of participants for each leg by April 22, 2019, via the ASUS Philippines Facebook and Instagram accounts. Official participants will also be receiving an SMS from an ASUS representative.

4) A theme will be announced on the day of the scheduled Grand Prix, which participants must follow. Each leg will have its own theme.

• Participants will be given the freedom to roam anywhere on their own during the photo walk-proper.

5) Participants must submit their chosen photos within the day of the official leg.

• Entries are eligible if and only if:

– The entry was posted on Facebook, in public, between 12 NN to 5 PM of the official leg day.
– The entry was passed to the uploading station, between 4 PM to 5:45 PM of the official leg day.

* Upon uploading, the participant must present the raw file and the link to the social media post to the event official before passing the official entry.

6) One (1) grand winner per leg will be chosen according to the following categories.

• PixelMaster Scores (70%)
• ASUS Score (30%)

7) Top 3 winners will all be awarded at the culmination of the leg day:

• Grand Prize: ₱15,000 Cash Prize, DJI Osmo Mobile 2, and All-expense Paid Local Trip for One (1)
• Second Place: ₱5,000 Cash Prize and Mobile Photography Accessories
• Third Place: ₱5,000 Cash Prize

ASUS Philippines launches its first ever PixelMaster Grand Prix, Cebu to host Visayas Leg | Cebu Finest

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To join as well as to see the official mechanics of the PixelMaster Grand Prix, just visit the official ASUS PixelMaster website at from March 6, 2019, to April 20, 2019.

For more information on the PixelMaster Grand Prix and the PixelMaster Master Class, head over to ASUS Philippines’ official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and the ZenTalk Forum.

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