How to buy and pay at Lazada without a Credit Card

Lazada Philippines, one of the leading online shopping destinations in the country, offers amazing discounts and promos for online shoppers. From well-known brands in fashion, home appliances, electronics, gadgets, and more, Lazada provides a more comfortable way to purchase items without falling in line at the mall cashier to pay.

How to buy at Lazada without a Credit Card | Cebu Finest

How to buy and pay at Lazada without a Credit Card

Payments accepted are very flexible from credit cards, bank installment plans, over-the-counter payment centers, online payment systems, and cash-on-delivery.

However, paying your orders via credit card is more convenient since you don’t need to wait for the delivery man to arrive and hand him over the cash payment. This is how cash-on-delivery works. You pay in person or by an authorized representative in cash once the package arrives at your desired delivery address.

Since it is difficult for some online shoppers to get a credit card of their own due to bank requirements like monthly income, utility bills, landline, and others, there are other alternative modes of payments that online shoppers can use to pay for their purchases.

Mode of Payments accepted at Lazada if you don’t own a Credit Card

To pay your orders at Lazada if you don’t have a credit card, you can have these other payment options available:


How to buy at Lazada without a Credit Card | Cebu Finest

When you make a payment using Paypal, you can choose how you want to pay for your purchases:

  • If you have sufficient PayPal balance to cover the payment, the amount will be deducted directly.
  • If you have linked a credit or debit card to your PayPal account, the payment amount can be deducted from your credit or debit card after you’ve depleted your PayPal balance.

Sign up with Paypal here for FREE.

Physical and Virtual Cards for Online Shopping

A Paypal balance can sometimes be insufficient for the payment of your orders. You can be flexible with your payment by adding your credit and debit cards to your PayPal account and choose which one to use each time you pay. But since getting a credit card is challenging, you can get a debit card for your desired back or an e-wallet provider that offers physical or virtual cards. Visa Virtual Cards

How to buy at Lazada without a Credit Card | Cebu Finest

Using the Coins Virtual Visa™ Card, you can shop online with thousands of merchants around the world that accept Visa™. Use it to pay for your shopping done online on Lazada and other sites.

You can fund your wallet via 7-Eleven, Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier ePay, BDO Online Banking, BDO Cash Deposit, or Globe GCash.

Get your wallet account now. Register here for FREE.

Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

How to buy at Lazada without a Credit Card | Cebu Finest

A payment system similar to PayPal, Payoneer lets you pay online shopping purchases using their Prepaid Mastercard. This is ideally used by freelancers for their online jobs or online sellers with shops on the Internet.

Register at Payoneer and get their Prepaid Mastercard to start shopping online. Check here.

GCash MasterCard

How to buy at Lazada without a Credit Card | Cebu Finest

Shop online using your GCash MasterCard like a normal credit card with no banking agreement and needed financial requirements. Do online shopping with convenience at different e-commerce in the Philippines like Lazada. You need to sign-up and register to GCash to get the GCash MasterCard.

Other E-wallet and Payment Centers

Aside from and Payoneer, you can also pay your online purchases with Lazada using Lazada E-Wallet, and Smart PayMaya Visa Virtual Account.

New to PayMaya? Send money, buy load, scan-to-pay and more! Register using the invite code hra5kg and you’ll receive your ₱50 gift after you sign-up and upgrade your account. Click this link to download and register.

ALSO READ: 7-Eleven now accepts payments for Lazada orders using helloPay

One should also remember that Lazada offers International items that do not cater to or very limited cash-on-delivery payment options. Signing up with one of these options can help you purchase items using your Prepaid credit cards that do not require bank or other credit statements or documents.

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