Latest Technologies Transforming the Automotive Industry in The Philippines

A study conducted by Nissan found that 46% of car buyers in the Philippines would consider an electrified car during their next purchase, according to VISOR. In the modern world, car buyers focus not only on the price range but the modern technologies that go with it. After all, Cebu is the second most polluted city in the Philippines. They want green automobiles with the latest technologies.

Latest Technologies Transforming the Automotive Industry in The Philippines | Cebu Finest

Latest Technologies Transforming the Automotive Industry In The Philippines

Besides appealing designs and safety features, consumers also want connectivity in their cars. The rising demand for bus Wi-Fi in-flight entertainment proves that car users want unlimited access to social media, apps, and music.

AI in Car Dealerships

In this age, buying cars is a straightforward process. Consumers have the necessary tools to research and make purchases conveniently. Dealerships can also learn about consumer behavior with the help of artificial intelligence. When implemented correctly in marketing strategies, AI offers numerous benefits to auto dealers.

Buyers leave behind tons of data when searching and comparing automobile similarities and differences online. By using artificial intelligence or analytics, dealerships can collect and examine data from their websites to learn about consumer needs. Using AI’s accuracy and scalability, car dealers track and evaluate data. That way, they can offer real-time search predictions based on consumer interests and deliver relevant information regarding cars.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The growing use of IoT in the automotive industry is changing how people interact with cars. Studies reveal that the vehicle of the feature will not be autonomous only, but also more integrated. Given that IoT links vehicles via a wireless network, users can expect increased vehicle performance optimization. Automobile connectivity improves communication between the car’s subsystems, other vehicles, and road infrastructures like traffic lights. As a result, drivers enjoy predictive maintenance, enhanced road safety, and traffic management.

In-Vehicle Apps

The modern car comes equipped with a variety of software to improve your driving experience. IoT and AI integrated car sensors send real-time alerts via car-related apps, enhancing convenience and safety. For instance, real-time driving data is shared on navigation apps like Waze to alert drivers about traffic conditions. That way, you can adjust your route to avoid accidents or traffic congestion. Other in-car apps improving convenience and safety include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and Google Maps.

Latest Technologies Transforming the Automotive Industry in The Philippines | Cebu Finest

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Tech features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto improve road safety by enabling drivers to utilize their smartphones without holding them. If you want to navigate quickly and find a parking space, mobile apps like Waze offers accurate data to make your driving less stressful.

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