Beach Outfits You Can Wear All Around Cebu

Every Cebuano knows that a spontaneous trip to the beach is a common occurrence here and is a luxury that other city dwellers wish they had. Whenever you’re hanging out with friends, a quick dip in the ocean is always a possibility. Thus, it’s important that you’re always prepared, either with your swimsuit in your bag or wearing beach outfits that incorporate your bikini.

Beach Outfits You Can Wear All Around Cebu | Cebu Finest

For those that haven’t quite mastered the art of creating stylish ensembles around your swim gear, don’t fret. Instead of throwing on a big t-shirt and denim cutoffs, try incorporating other clothes into your beach outfits, maybe some summer wardrobe essentials that you wouldn’t normally wear on a beach day.

As Travel Fashion Gurl states, versatile dresses are the easiest city ensembles that double up as beach outfits. Wearing your favorite bikini underneath or even a one-piece, make sure you avoid form-fitting frocks and opt for flowy, A-line or sheath silhouettes that are easy to slip out of. Jersey maxis, sundresses, shirt dresses and wrap-around frocks are just some of the many coverups you can use when you’re splitting time between the white sand and the mall.

Beach Outfits You Can Wear All Around Cebu | Cebu Finest

Jean shorts will always be a popular option suited for both urban settings and beachy adventures, but if you’re looking for a trendy alternative, consider going for shortalls or overall skirts. A substitute for a crop top, Pretty Me explains that a swimsuit top will look adorable with this 90s staple. Plus, overalls are quick to buckle out of once you hit the beach.

But if really prefer denim cutoffs over dungarees, don’t wear a tee with it. Instead, wear your monokini or bodysuit to complete the beach outfits. Of course, not all one-pieces are made equally, with some seemingly too revealing for locations away from the beach scene. Cover yourself up a bit with a beautiful kimono or a sheer cardigan, like the one displayed on Style Caster when out and about in the city center.

As for shoes, you can never go wrong with sandals or flip flops. Keep accessories to a minimum, such as a hat or sunglasses for some extra shade. Remember to bring some SPF with you for sun protection!

Have any beach outfits suggestions of your own? Tell us about your best beachy #OOTD.

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