CCCI launches 21st Cebu Business Month in June

Envisioned to be the engine of Cebu’s growth towards global competitiveness, the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) has organized Cebu Business Month (CBM) to celebrate the significant achievements and leadership role that Cebu Businessmen play in enterprise development, socio-economic prosperity, and nation building.

CCCI launches 21st Cebu Business Month in June | Cebu Finest
The CCCI officers and working team during the press conference at Golden Prince Hotel

CCCI launches 21st Cebu Business Month in June

The Cebu Business Month (CBM) evolved out of the need for businessmen and entrepreneurs to convene in one venue for a significant length of time to share best practices and technologies and showcase products and services where possible tie-ups can be forged. It has the primary purpose of enhancing business and effecting wide-scale economic development, especially among the small and medium scale enterprises. Now, it is Cebu’s biggest and finest business festival.

Celebrated every month of June, CBM aims to inspire, promote, and grow Cebu business by gathering industry stakeholders to activities and events in the areas of Tourism, Information and Communications Technology, and Business Processing Management (ICT-BMP0, Entrepreneurship, and Creative Industries.

Each year, the Chamber ensures that CBM will move to greater heights by making it more meaningful and relevant to the current needs and trends to help the business community in Cebu and neighboring islands sustain growth and development.

CCCI through the CBM shall continue to actively engage in economic programs that will spur the formation of new investments and expansion of operations leading to the creation of jobs as well as in promoting sustainable initiatives.

CCCI launches 21st Cebu Business Month in June | Cebu Finest
During the mini press conference last January 20, 2017 at Golden Prince Hotel

Bringing Business to the Next Level

The CBM 2017 shall banner the theme: “STEP UP Cebu” which stands for “Stepping Up Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Productivity for the Upliftment of Cebu.” Through the CBM 2017 programs, CCCI intends to contribute to the competitive advantage of Cebu in the global economy, thereby, propelling Cebu businesses to catalyze inclusive growth in the region.

Now on its 21st year, Cebu Business Month shall boost the connection and collaboration established by the chamber with its existing partners, thereby, creating new linkages with and among the key players in the global marketplace, enabling them to work together in cementing coopetition among each other.

For more details about the Cebu Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Cebu Business Month activities, please call the CBM Secretariat at (032) 232 1421 to 24 local 107/108. You can also check their Official Website at for more information and updates.

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