Useful Home Decorating Advice from Interior Designers

Home decorating is one of those tasks that seemingly never ends. It can feel as though you have just about finished one room when another suddenly needs attention. We love decorating, even if it is a task that seems to last forever! If you require some tips to help speed up or improve your home decorating skills then you have come to the right place.

Useful Home Decorating Advice from Interior Designers | CebuFinest

Useful Home Decorating Advice from Interior Designers

We have spoken to experts in the field to gather some useful home decorating advice, read on to find out more.

Get Creative

One of the tips that simply kept coming back to us was the idea of being creative and unique with your ideas. You don’t have to go to the same stores as everyone else or buy exactly what the magazines tell you to. The experts over at told us that a “huge number of people are instead turning to custom-designed items to really give their home a unique feel” We think customizing products – or even making your own – is a fantastic way to add your personal touch to your home. Whether it is custom bedsheets, signs, towels, or crockery, there’s a way to add a personalized item to every room.

Pace Yourself

Many of us worry that we aren’t getting the job done quickly enough, especially if we’ve just moved into or purchased a new home. Start with the essentials, if you don’t have them already. Buy a quality sofa, bed, and dining set. Once you have the essentials you can take a step back and start to decide how you want the rest of your house to look. There is no need to try and tackle the entire job all at once. Slow down, relax, and enjoy the process.

Use Accent Pieces

A great tip given to us by all the designers we spoke to was to use accent pieces when decorating. By this, we mean having individual items that really stand out and add a certain ‘pop’ to the room. Consider decorating in relatively neutral colors and styles, then using bright colorful accent pieces to offset this. These things can really accent a room, and show a bit of your personality. This could be a piece of art, colorful curtains, a novelty cushion, or a wacky vase on your coffee table. Anything that stands out and brings some excitement to the room.

Useful Home Decorating Advice from Interior Designers | CebuFinest

Shop Vintage

When shopping for art, furniture, or decorative items, most people stick to the same high-street options. There are, however, a wealth of options if you decide to shop vintage or second-hand. In thrift stores, you might find beautiful classic pieces at a fraction of the price of a major branded version. This also gives your home décor a unique edge, as you will have items that no one else has, making your friends wonder where you found such special items.

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Using these top tips from interior designers will certainly give your home a personal touch and help you put together a really special interior design. Think unique, think vintage, and think personal. Good luck on your decorating journey, however long it may be! ∎

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