Do’s And Don’ts of Moving With Your Furniture To a New Home

Moving is a bittersweet moment in anyone’s life. On the one hand, it’s a great time to go forward to bigger and better things. It’s a period of change in terms of bother scenery and comfort zones. The downside is moving is a drag.

Do’s And Don’ts When Moving With Your Furniture To A New Home | Cebu Finest

Do’s And Don’ts of Moving With Your Furniture To a New Home

There are not very many people on this earth that actually enjoy moving their own stuff. People often find old letters and things they’ve forgotten, sending them into a spiral of nostalgia and, most importantly, time-wasting. This is why people often need help or motivation when it comes to moving. Lugging large pieces of furniture isn’t something that many want to actually do alone.

So, for the purpose of getting it done right, here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to moving around furniture in your new home.

Don’t do it alone.

If you live in a small apartment, sure. But if it’s a multiple bedroom flat with couches and large frames and such, it’s best to make a day out of it. Call up some friends, get a few cold drinks, find a man with a van, and make it a party. Before you know it, you’re in your new home, completely moved in, and ready to call it a night. It sounds like it wouldn’t work, but the moving party is a prime strategy to get things done quickly and in the least boring way.

Do’s And Don’ts When Moving With Your Furniture To A New Home | Cebu Finest

Don’t pack your valuables with your general items while moving.

When you’re in the process of transferring, things have the potential to slide around in the back of a truck. Keep your valuables in a totally separate area or keep them in a backpack on your person.

Don’t stress out.

Moving is a bit of an overwhelming time, yes. But nothing gets done properly under intense negative emotions. If the move is freaking you out, take a deep breath, do what you can, and plan out another day.

Do set up your bed first.

The only potential issue is that you’ll have all your friends crashing in a totally raw room with dust and plastic everywhere. But if your friends are the type that would join in on a moving party, they probably don’t mind anyway. If you set up your bed early, you have a place to sleep, at the very least.

Do bind everything that has drawers or potential moving parts.

You can wrap these things in plastic, cling wrap, or just tape them shut. The whole point is that have things like dressers moving as a single unit. Some people take the drawers out to make it lighter. But really, you’re just sacrificing total mass in favor of total back and forth trips. If it’s doable, it’s always best to keep it as a single unit.

Do it green.

If you’re environmentally conscious, please do use a strong rope or twine that you can reuse for other things, You don’t have to resort to single-use cling wrap.

Do’s And Don’ts When Moving With Your Furniture To A New Home | Cebu Finest

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There you have it! Some of the most useful, unique, and tested tips for moving your furniture to a new home. It may seem like a lot, and it can be sometimes. So be sure to plan ahead, get all the logistics in order, and just go down the list of tasks until you can sit back and enjoy your new home.

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