Eatin’ at Cupcaken

I have read about this new fad place at the local newspaper years ago. It is located at the Banawa area, a cupcake house named, “Cupcaken”, which literally sells a wide variety of cupcakes to somehow satisfy your sweet tooth desires.

Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest

Before the weekend came, my youngest sister, Priscilla sent me a text message that she wanted to go to this cupcake shop. And so we did. Amidst the rainy Saturday night, we went to Cupcaken and gave it a visit.

Going there was a challenge for us. My sister, my cousin, Jansen, and I were not that familiar to Banawa. With this techie tickles of mine, I’ve used my iPhone, connected to 3G and asked the help of Google Maps. And we’re lost. The Google Map pin was not accurate: nearly there, but not yet. With our last resort, we called the telephone number posted on the map and alas, we have contacted the right shop and asked them for further directions. We have arrived at Cupcaken safely.

It really is a cupcake haven.

Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest

Even though it’s raining, we successfully arrived at Cupcaken.

When we entered, the guy clerk stared at us. Probably he was thinking, “It’s them who called earlier…” I was telling him the story of our adventure and being lost but yes, we are now at Cupcaken. Thank goodness, their staff is hospitable and welcoming and they offered us the counter for us to give our orders and even recommended to us their house specialty.

My sister started pointing all the cupcakes she wanted to try while I tried to dry myself from the rain outside and got my iPhone (I don’t have a DSLR) to take lots of pictures.

Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest

Took a photo of the place from the outside while my sister and my cousin started pointing every cupcake their heart’s desire. Also, I am checking my wallet.

We asked for ‘one-of-this-and-one-of-that-no-wait-make-it-this’ cupcake and the staff suggested to us that we can stay upstairs and they will serve our orders. We ordered drinks, too. They serve fruit-flavored iced tea and frappuccinos. But we fancy iced tea that time, so we ordered three (3), and fast.

We sat unto their pink sofas and the orders started coming in. Alright! Let’s have a roll call of what we’ve got for tonight.

Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest
Red Velvet
Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest
Choco Mallow
Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest
Peanut Butter

To widen our choices of cupcakes, my sister decided to order more and went downstairs. As for me, I found this group of friends seated next to ours and randomly asked them if I can take a photo or two and they will be featured on Cebu Finest. They have happily agreed and I am thankful for their cooperation. You are cool, guys! Hope to be meeting you soon.

Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest
A group of friends spending a rainy Saturday weekend… with sweet cupcakes. ^^ From left to right: Carmelle, Carlos, Shaun and Vynce
Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest
As one of these girls say, “Trying not to smile too much on camera… so not to see the choco smudge on my teeth.”

Our second batch of cupcakes arrived. We have ordered 3 more to end the cupcake adventure. They have lots of varieties compared to what we have had but, we still have next time, haven’t we? Check photos below for our last array of sweets.

Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest
Mango Float
Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest
Banana and Choco chips
Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest
Chocolate Overload

Our verdict? Our top cupcakes: Peanut Butter, Banana and Choco chips, Choco Mallow, and Chocolate Overload. We have different tastes, though, but we at Cebu Finest would recommend to you to visit Cupcaken. Price range per cupcake is around ₱50.00 to ₱60.00 and every cupcake is worth a try. They serve coffee, too. And the best of all, they have free Wi-Fi.

Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest
Checking Cupcaken on Facebook through my iPad using their free Wi-Fi

Before we depart, I took a couple shots of photos for this post. Hope you like them.

Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest
My youngest sister, Priscilla, and my cousin, Bob Jansen.
Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest
The heavenly cupcakes on the wall
Eatin’ at Cupcaken | Cebu Finest
“Come to daddy, baby…” Cupcaken’s version of the Black Forest

I’ve heard they already have a small store at Robinsons Galleria Cebu. I’m putting that on my bucket list for a visit very soon.

For more details on Cupcaken, join them on their Official Cupcaken Facebook page or contact them through the following information:

Telephone Number: +63 32 516-3694
Address: R. Duterte Street, (beside Nuat Thai) in Banawa, 6000 Cebu City
Shop Hours: 2PM – 12 Midnight, Mondays through Saturdays

You can also follow Cupcaken on Twitter.

How about you? Are you planning to spend a relaxing and sweetened time with friends at Cupcaken? Share your unforgettable experience with us and leave your story in the comment section below.

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