6 affordable food places to try in Manila for the On-The-Budget Cebuano Foodie

If there is one thing a Cebuano can do while traveling out-of-town, it’s eating out and trying new food places to dine. Bringing along a group of people together, it’s probably the food that a Cebuano would look for. Something about a meal or sharing dinner brings out the best conversations, whether you’re eating at home with your family or out with your friends.

6 affordable food places to try in Manila for the On-The-Budget Cebuano Foodie | Cebu Finest

6 affordable food places to try in Manila for the On-The-Budget Cebuano Foodie

Cebu is a mecca of diverse cuisine. From local delicacies to foreign cultural gastronomic adventures, Cebuanos are daring to try new things to eat and a new taste to experience. Heading out the hottest food places may be a bit of a worry for a Cebuano traveler when working on a tight budget. But who says food trips in Manila are reserved for paydays or shocking bills?

Here are six affordable food places to check out in Manila that gives a budget-conscious Cebuano a bang for the buck.


Cebuanos love food. When traveling away from home, a buffet is a good idea; an affordable buffet is way better.

6 affordable food places to try in Manila for the On-The-Budget Cebuano Foodie | Cebu Finest

Bistro United

This buffet is completely debunking the idea that unlimited meals should be pricey. The restaurant doesn’t only serve a buffet on a budget, they’re royalties at variety too. Located in Kapitolyo, the buffet serves a different cuisine each day of the week. Tuesdays are typically dedicated to Filipino food, Wednesdays are for Spanish cuisine, while Thursdays serve Asian dishes. The best part is, you’ll only to cash up ₱375 per person.

UKB Unlimited Korean BBQ

Samgyups and Korean BBQs are a popular choice among many foodies lately, but not all of it is light on the budget. Luckily, UKB Unlimited Korean BBQ has been filling the void for just that. For just ₱199 per head, anyone can dine on savory Korean BBQ without hesitation. With it are mouth-watering side dishes that are unlimited too.

Food Parks

Cebuanos are proud of their own world-renowned food market: Sugbo Mercado. But when in Manila, a Cebuano would love to dine at food parks, too.

6 affordable food places to try in Manila for the On-The-Budget Cebuano Foodie | Cebu Finest

The Yard

A great place to hang out and munch down on delicious meals, this food park in the north has a lot of visitors coming in. Not only is the place Instagram-worthy, but they’re also food options fit the budget, too. For only ₱200, you can enjoy a ¼ rack of ribs at Burn. Meanwhile, sweet tooths can visit Fratello where they serve the “Latte Under A Cloud” for only ₱130.

The beverage comes with a cotton candy that makes the dessert not only more tempting to snap a photo with but worth every penny.

Buendia Food By The Court

A small hub at Buendia, this food park has a lot to boot. The set-up is quite unique with a second floor that gives quite the view of the city and a basketball court just a few feet away—hence the name Buendia Food By The Court. However, while the place already makes an impression, the food choices shouldn’t be missed out.

You can feast on Malaysia’s popular Rojak Salad for only ₱75. Sisig lovers can take their pick between Maling or Pork Sisig at Sisig MNL with prices ranging between ₱130-₱150 budget.


A Cebuano traveling foodie won’t look for coffee shops available at home. Send him somewhere new and unique.

6 affordable food places to try in Manila for the On-The-Budget Cebuano Foodie | Cebu Finest

The Nook Café

If you’re a true blue Potterhead then this oldie but goodie café in Maginhawa is right up your alley. The Nook Café is inspired by all things Harry Potter. The interiors are reminiscent of different stories and features within the novel. It’s even got the iconic butterbeer with wizardly costumes for the full experience.

But if you think that dining at this place means you’ll need to cast a few spells on your wallet, think again. For as low as ₱150, you could have a satisfying bowl of pasta. Just add in an additional ₱100 and you could taste the butterbeer that visitors have been lining up for.

Shutter Café

Photography enthusiasts will find Shutter Café a haven. Decked in cameras and photography equipment throughout the café, Shutter Café is among the many popular themed cafes in Quezon City. They’ve displayed an impressive collection of modern and vintage cameras. But their prices will always leave you grinning. For just ₱100, you can chug down a glass of Sagada coffee, match it with a full Quarter Pounder Burger for less than ₱200 and you’ve got a full meal.

With a fresh list at hand, your friends have no excuse not to come on a food trip. These affordable restaurants and cafes not only manage to pull décor, and tasty meals together, they’ll knock it off with friendly prices too. Now, you wouldn’t have to be guilty of spending hours at end filling up on delicious food and thirst-quenching smoothies.

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If a Cebuano, in return, would tour a friend from Manila here in Cebu, here are 6 food places that we highly recommend you to bring them:

The Market by Sugbo Mercado
Woori Bistro
Gibbs’ Hot Wings
Aysken D’ Han
The Pyramid

A big shout out to our Manila friends for sending in the list of food places to try on their side of town. If time allows us to travel to the capital and Cebuanos like us would try to indulge food your style, we’re absolutely going to get into the recommendation.

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