How to Cure Loneliness After Breakup

It is surprising how many recently divorced men and women are in a hurry to start dating or even get into another marriage. There are also those announcing their engagement a month or so after their cheap online divorce was finalized. Even though they do ridiculous things, their behavior can be explained by their unwillingness to cope with their loneliness in a different way.

How to Cure Loneliness After Breakup | Cebu Finest

How to Cure Loneliness After Breakup

Many of those, who have been involved in a long-term marriage, are so into being married so that they are afraid of being single. They have already forgotten how it is to live alone and thus sharing space with the wrong person is much better for them than doing the housekeeping alone.

It is perfectly normal if you are afraid of being alone again. You may feel like you are isolated at home, and the loneliness you are currently experiencing seems to be unbearable. At such a rough time, you should do your best to learn how to feel comfortable living alone. There are a few things you can do to deal with your post-breakup loneliness in a healthy way:


To recover from your breakup faster, it is important to socialize as much as possible. It is perfectly normal that right after divorce, you don’t feel like meeting anybody. You might cry a lot and thus prefer to stay home simply because you don’t want anybody to notice your swollen face and eye bags. While you may want to have someone around, you don’t feel like talking to anybody at the moment. Or the other way round, you may want to talk a lot about your decision to contact an online divorce service provider, but nobody is willing to hear you as much as you want them to.

That is why it is so important to find people who have already been in your shoes or who are currently preparing their divorce forms for filing. These folks will not only hear you out but also give you a piece of advice. The best place to find those who are on divorce recovery road is to join a support group. Lucky for you, there are many online options for those who are not ready to go out anywhere.

How to Cure Loneliness After Breakup | Cebu Finest


After divorce, when loneliness overwhelms you, it is especially hard to stay motivated. If you have a job, then you probably struggle to get to your office and are very likely to go through the motions simply to survive another day. Going to work is a good thing to do; however, when you are having such a rough time, it is very difficult to concentrate on your duties while trying to keep yourself together.

During these dark days, cultivating kindness may be a great way out of depression. Therefore, it is highly recommended to do some volunteer work. Go to your local school, church, or community center and ask if they need some help. Passing out flyers, filling backpacks for those in need, planting trees, and so forth – there is so much work that needs to be done.

The fact that you help others will make you feel much better. Moreover, volunteering will give you a great opportunity to interact with understanding, yet big-hearted people. You will be able to work with others side by side without feeling the need to show the best version of yourself.

Spend Time with Your Family and Friends

Spending much time with the people you love can help you cure your loneliness… or not! Being with those who care about you and your feelings is hard to overestimate. However, there is always someone who will make you either feel guilty or believe that you are on a hiding to nothing. Don’t hesitate to end this sort of friendship. If someone doesn’t strive to make you feel any better, then you surely don’t want this person in your life!

Remember that your number one task is to take care of your feelings. Therefore, you should do whatever is best for your well-being. One part of the healing process is all about learning how to take ownership of your own life. You are responsible for searching for effective ways to cope with your loneliness and get back to normal life within the shortest time possible, and no one else. So, don’t wait until someone calls you, do it first. Invite your friends for a movie night and just let them take care of you while you will be talking nonstop about your feelings. However, if you don’t feel like talking at all, ask them to be patient.

Take a Trip

If everybody around tries to figure out what made you do your first divorce paper form and tend to pry into your private life instead of supporting and helping you to cope with your loneliness, then it is time to think about taking a trip to the place that you have never been to – and the farther, the better. There, your chances to run into someone you know are the lowest. 

If you cannot afford to pay for an expensive vacation, then you can always take a trip to a neighboring town and stay in a hotel for a few days until things get better. Changing your environment will let you take a fresh look at your situation.

How to Cure Loneliness After Breakup | Cebu Finest

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Become Physically Active

To get back on track faster, sign up for a membership at a local gym. While doing morning exercise and practicing yoga at home is beneficial for your health, going to the gym will make you wake up early in the morning, dress up, and simply move somewhere. There, you will not only work out but also meet new people and probably make new friends. At the first go-of, you may cry like a baby on that running machine but give you some time, and you will see how much easier it is for you to be around many people day after day.

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