iPasS: Something crucial you need to know in modern technology

In the world of mobile computers, WiFi, and free hotspots, terminologies like SaaS and DaaS have become part of the alphabet soup that we now have to know. Now, iPasS has become part of that lexicon, too. In such a new and modern technology environment, it is only reasonable to wonder, “Hey, what is iPasS?”

iPasS: Something crucial you need to know in modern technology | CebuFinest

iPasS: Something crucial you need to know in modern technology

There’s a lot more to technological advancements than Tesla’s new electric automobile or Mercedes driverless vehicles. Apple Watch and fitness trackers that can tell you what you ate two weeks ago are only part of it.

Although we haven’t seen the best yet, several amazing modern technology breakthroughs promise to significantly improve the lives of individuals who choose to accept these new ways. The best part is that some of these devices will be simple enough to operate that even the most technologically challenged seniors will be able to learn how to use them quickly and effectively.

iPasS Defined

The term iPasS stands for integration platform-as-a-service. An integration platform is an intermediary between different geographic and functional points.

If that is not clear enough for you, let’s use an example.

Let’s say that there is an on-site, brick-and-mortar business. The business uses a cloudless SaaS but also uses cloud services for data management and other needs. The business also has many employees who are in constant communication with the business, its providers, and each other through their own devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and smartphones.

In this scenario, we have several smart systems, some on-site and some off-site, maintaining some type of connection simultaneously, each with its own API. Is this a problem? It does not have to be. Do we need an integration system in this scenario and, if so, is iPasS the only way to solve this problem? The answers to these questions are explored below.

Why iPasS Is Crucial

Why iPasS Is Crucial | CebuFinest

There was a world before iPass and other integrated systems, so, in theory, you could survive without any integration system at all. However, just because you could does not mean that you should.

In a new technology environment filled with transformative change, it is only natural that there will be friction between people, devices, servers, cloud infrastructure, and data storage facilities like data lakes and data warehouses. Furthermore, there is also a lot of potential for friction between the APIs of these devices.

It is not only about the Internet of Everything, and therefore, we need to adjust our paradigm! APIs need to communicate with each other as well, independently of humans. We therefore must not limit our perspective to the Internet of Everything but also factor in the impact friction has on the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet of Things. We cannot be so self-centered, as humans, to think that the lives of our devices, connection management facilities, data storage, and data processing centers, and the APIs that interact with them, do not matter!

Sounds like a bunch of sci-fi silliness, right? Well, the agents of this intelligent connectivity may not actually be alive, but there are actual human lives and actual animal and plant lives that depend on the detailed information and personal information they farm, aggregate, distribute, and possess. Therefore, there are some very important cybersecurity advantages with an iPasS Wi-Fi service that should not be overlooked.

Signal strength is also crucial when it comes to the intelligent connectivity of the data world, especially when it comes to the smart cities and smart factories being planned for the Industrial Internet of Things. One could argue that the world’s largest Wi-Fi network will soon be composed of cloud infrastructure, which at present is controlled by the “lords of Big Tech”: Microsoft Azure Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Apple iCloud.

As our cities become reinvented as smart cities, iPasS will be crucial for transportation regarding many functions. In such an industrial-internet-of-things-oriented smart world, friction could be deadly without effective interventions. Therefore, the entire Internet of Transportation Things would have to be integrated with some type of iPasS smartconnect. Professional standards would have to be integrated into each e-zpass system monitored at every step of the way for every major tollway, for example, in the United States like the Illinois Tollway, Chicago Skyway, Indiana Toll Road, and many others.

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Therefore, iPasS is crucial for not only business productivity. It is also crucial for our society, cloud infrastructure, and the smart cities of the future.

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