Labella suspends classes in all levels in Cebu City until March 28

Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella has ordered the suspension of classes in all levels, both public and private schools, from March 16 to March 28, 2020.

Labella suspends classes in all levels in Cebu City until March 28 | Cebu Finest

Labella suspends classes in all levels in Cebu City until March 28

In an executive order, Labella said that after the stakeholders’ meeting on Thursday afternoon, the city has decided to suspend the classes for the safety of the students.

In a previous statement, Labella said he is not inclined to cancel the classes because he believes the teachers can take care of the students.

However, only a day after, the mayor has decided to push through with the suspension stating that it is for the best interest of the public.

Aside from the suspension of classes, Labella, also suspended all barangay and city organized public events until the lifting of the State of the Public Health Emergency issued by President Rodrigo Duterte.

All private establishments are also encouraged to have thermal scanning devices to check the temperature of people before they are allowed to enter. The feverish individuals may not be allowed entry.

Places of worship are mandated to issue guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus in the conduct of their activities in observance of Lent, Ramadan, and other religious activities.

For public transports such as buses and jeepneys, they are directed to practice frequent disinfection to prevent the spread of the virus.

“There is no lockdown in Cebu City. All residents are strongly discouraged to travel outside Cebu. All individuals are advised to suspend their trips outside Cebu,” said the mayor.

Labella clarified that cargo can still enter the city and supply lines will not be cut off.

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He assured that Cebu City can stand on its own even if supplies will be cut off from other provinces. He said there is enough food supply to provide for the residents of Cebu.

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