mWell drives digital healthcare for more Filipinos as it supports GoDigital Pilipinas

Metro Pacific Investments Corporation’s (MPIC) mWell heeds the government’s call for unity in advocating digitalization initiatives to empower Filipinos through technology during the launch of the GoDigital Pilipinas (GDP) movement. mWell, the Philippines’ first fully integrated and fully digital health and wellness platform, is the only healthcare app among the convenor organizations and supporting companies in the GDP.

mWell drives digital healthcare for more Filipinos as it supports GoDigital Pilipinas | CebuFinest
mWell gives LGUs digital tools to allow bedridden constituents to consult with doctors online

mWell drives digital healthcare for more Filipinos as it supports GoDigital Pilipinas

Ms. Chaye Cabal-Revilla, MPIC Chief Finance, Risk and Sustainability Officer and mWell CEO represented mWell in the GDP launch during the National Economic and Development Authority 2023-2028 Forum at the PICC convened by The Private Sector Advisory Council Digital Infrastructure (PSAC-DI).

“As the country’s healthcare mega app, mWell is honored to be part of GoDigital Pilipinas. We shall collaborate with GDP to increase awareness and widen access to digital healthcare, especially for those in far-flung areas. Our innovative digital solutions are designed to respond to our countrymen’s needs, ensuring good health for economic productivity and nation-building. We shall continue to bring healthcare closer to more Filipinos here and abroad through a fully integrated, sustainable, and future-proof digital platform,” said Ms. Cabal-Revilla.

Since its launch, mWell has been harnessing the power of technology to provide access to quality digital healthcare in a country with an average of 3.7 doctors per 10,000 population– way below the World Health Organization-prescribed ratio of 10 per 10,000. It helps address the shortage of healthcare facilities and personnel in rural areas. Underprivileged sectors, including Indigenous Peoples (IP) in remote, mountainous areas who need to travel for a day to see a doctor are now able to consult using the mWell app.

Ms. Chaye Cabal-Revilla, MPIC Chief Finance, Risk and Sustainability Officer and mWell CEO represented mWell in the GDP launch during the National Economic and Development Authority 2023-2028 Forum at the PICC convened by The Private Sector Advisory Council Digital Infrastructure (PSAC-DI). | CebuFinest

Fully digital consultation journey

mWell provides a seamless end-to-end journey for patients– from booking a video consult or seeing a doctor 24/7 (with only 3 minutes of waiting time), paying for the consultation and even having their medicines delivered to their doorsteps. Free e-prescriptions, e-medical certificates, and lab referrals are loaded into the app after consultation. To empower users to keep track of their own personal health records, mWell was the first to provide a digital medical ID. Found on their mWell app, this allows patients to easily access their records stored in mWell’s secure platform.

mWell has over 500 Primary Care and Specialized partner doctors including Cardiologists, Dermatologists, Endocrinologists, Pediatricians, Neurologists, OB-GYNs, and Ophthalmologists available for online consultation 24/7. Mind health experts are also just a tap away.

Breaking barriers through digital healthcare

Both a digital health service and advocacy, mWell launched the biggest nationwide digital medical mission where Filipinos can consult for free with hundreds of volunteer doctors and mind-health experts during mWellness Day.

It has deployed a portable mobile digital clinic for remote communities—mWell OnTheGo. Each bag is filled with foldable solar panels, a power station, Smart pocket WiFi, tablet/mobile phone preloaded with the mWell PH app containing a health passcode for online consultation to help bedridden patients and those living in areas without electricity.

mWell is the first health and wellness app available globally to Filipino migrant workers.

Through the app, 10 million migrant workers who sacrifice being away from their families to provide food on the tables and education for their children may conveniently speak with Filipino doctors wherever they may be. They can also send their families the Healthsavers Plan—an affordable health pass with online consultation and accident insurance. Available for all app users, the Healthsavers Plan is ideal for sending the gift of health to friends and loved ones.

mWell has also partnered with global companies in digitalizing various patient care needs. To fortify its holistic approach to digital healthcare, mWell is working with global players in healthcare, wellness, technology, and research to promote far-reaching innovation-centered solutions with its new Cancer Care Management initiative.

Digitalizing healthcare for Local Government Units (LGUs)

mWell has made significant inroads in digitalizing LGUs including Bacoor, Quezon City, and Bataan. Through mWell’s high-performing platform, LGUs were able to allow their constituents to consult online with Primary Care doctors, specialists, and mind-health experts.

mWell, an accredited telemedicine partner of the Department of Health, empowers LGUs to go fully digital in delivering better healthcare to their constituents in support of the Universal Health Care (UHC). The UHC seeks to provide every Filipino with the highest possible quality of health care that is accessible, efficient and equitably distributed.

Preventive healthcare through fully digital wellness features

With the health and well-being of Filipinos in mind, mWell promotes preventive healthcare. It has an mWellness Score developed by data scientists, which measures physical health based on daily activities – exercise, light activity, steps, and sleep. This serves as a guide to achieving a healthy physical lifestyle for long-term health.

mWell has also designed Wellness Wearables to democratize proactive healthcare and empower more Filipinos by making smartwatches more affordable, especially in regional areas. The wrist gadgets will allow anyone to easily track steps, physical activity, and sleep time through the mWellness Score on their watch.

Specialized fitness programs, including diabetes prevention and post-partum exercise designed to assist new moms to get back in shape safely and healthily, are also found on the app. Calorie-controlled recipes created by nutritionists are also easily accessible.

Fully loaded mobile app for doctors

mWell provides innovative healthcare solutions not only for mWell app users but for partner doctors as well. It empowers partner doctors to go fully digital with the new mWellMD– an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and clinic management system on mobile, designed by doctors, for doctors.

Recognizing their fast-paced lifestyle, mWellMD enables doctors to attend to patients on their mobile phones, wherever they may be, 24/7. Built with the doctor’s experience in mind, it provides a seamless experience from sign-up to consultation. Doctors were engaged to create the platform and test the system to make sure that the whole application is intuitive and user-friendly.

Revolutionizing Patient Care

mWell by Metro Pacific Health Tech Corporation (MPHTC) has recently signed a Collaboration Agreement with Metro Pacific Health (MPH) to provide a digital front door to MPH’s network of integrated healthcare services delivered by its hospitals and other fulfillment centers.

MPH, the largest integrated healthcare network in the Philippines, shall roll out virtual care and online consultations via its digital platform mWell MPH allowing patients to access the outpatient services of MPH’s nationwide network of 19 hospitals, 22 outpatient care centers (OCC), and its roster of thousands of doctors accredited within the MPH network.

GoDigital Conveners from the MVP group

As part of the MPIC Group, GDP convenor mWell is committed to working towards the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being. It also supports the MVP Group’s Gabay Kalusugan advocacy focusing on quality and affordable healthcare.

Gabay Guro, another MVP Group’s advocacy is also among the convenor organizations of GDP. Utilizing the power of digital technology, Gabay Guro provides programs designed to hone and improve the welfare of teachers nationwide. The group created the first digital learning app for teachers and learners in collaboration with DepEd and other partners including Microsoft, LinkedIn, FrontLearners, PayMaya, and PLDT/Smart. The Gabay Guro app which represents the digital innovation pillar of Gabay Guro helps teachers through the integration of e-learning content, and interactive resources.

GoDigital Conveners from the MVP group | CebuFinest
MPIC Chief Finance, Risk and Sustainability Officer and mWell CEO Ms. Chaye Cabal-Revilla during an LGU online consultation event

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“We are grateful to have digital healthcare pacesetter mWell as one of the two GoDigital Pilipinas convenors from the MVP Group, alongside Gabay Guro. The Private Sector Advisory Council Digital Infrastructure (PSAC) is ready to support the nation’s development blueprint and digitalization agenda through the GoDigital Pilipinas (GDP) movement. Working together, the public and private sectors will ensure that every Filipino has the tools and skills to thrive in our revitalized society,” PSAC Digital Infrastructure Sector Lead and Union Digital President and Chief Executive Officer Henry Aguda said.

Download the mWell PH app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and register. Follow mWell on Facebook and on Instagram for more updates.

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