PAREF Springdale Boys’ Choir to hold Christmas Concert

The PAREF Springdale Boys Choir, together with the Springdale Community Orchestra, and Ms. Donna Cruz-Larrazabal, will be performing at a Christmas Concert to be held at Guangming Institute of Fine Arts, V. Rama Avenue on December 7, 2019, at 6:00 PM.

PAREF Springdale Boys’ Choir to hold Christmas Concert | Cebu Finest
Paref Springdale Boys’ Choir to hold Christmas Concert

PAREF Springdale Boys’ Choir to hold Christmas Concert

This upcoming concert will be in preparation for the choir’s anticipated participation in Sing ‘N’ Pray Kobe 2020 International Choir Festival and Competition in Kobe, Japan on January 16-19, 2020.

The PAREF Springdale Boys Choir, one of the country’s youngest, was established in 2016 as part of the diverse extra-curricular music programs of PAREF Springdale School. The choir aims to teach students the basics of chorale singing and to foster a love and appreciation for the art form.

In-charge of the group is Mr. Mark Axel B. Melecio, the school’s Head Music Teacher, who also helms the PAREF Springdale Boys Choir as their Conductor, and has been in charge of the boys’ training from the choir’s inception to the present day.

The International Choir Festival in Kobe, Japan will be the first time these talented, homegrown, young gentlemen will perform in an event such as this; representing not just their school, but their hometown of Cebu as well. And in the spirit of the school’s motto: “Bene Omnia Facere,” these boys do indeed strive to “Do All Things Well.”

PAREF Springdale Boys’ Choir to hold Christmas Concert | Cebu Finest

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About PAREF Springdale School

A group of Cebu-based families wanted their children a school set-up along the same education thrusts and philosophy as PAREF Schools in Manila.

In 1993, this group of parents, well aware of their mission as the principal educators of their sons, came together with some teachers to set up PAREF Southcrest, the first PAREF school in Cebu. The boys from its first batch of pre-school graduates eventually needed a school of their own.

And so, in 1996, PAREF Springdale for Boys was established.

Through the academic institutions, professional teachers collaborate with the parents in their mission, by providing a balanced and demanding academic and personal formation for their sons. With the support of the Springdale community and its formative activities, the parents’ activity promotes the total formation of their sons.

At present, PAREF Springdale School offers Grade 1 to Grade 12.

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