Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Cebu and around the World

Although planning a wedding is a major task for any couple, they are equally excited and particular about where to go for their honeymoon. They are looking for beautiful beaches, picturesque views and exotic locales that fit within their budget and preferences. Thankfully, there are many exciting locales where one can enjoy a memorable time with their new spouse.

Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Cebu and around the World | Cebu Finest

Couples look for privacy in the countryside and want to spend some time alone, away from the crowds. They want to hole up in secluded resorts surrounded by natural attractions and sample world-class cuisine and amenities.

Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Cebu and Around The World

Based on expert opinions and reviews by top experts, here are some of the ideal destinations for honeymooners that are suitable for a variety of couples.

Ibiza, Spain

The name- Ibiza itself evokes romance. Labeled as the hard-partying destination of the Mediterranean, the island is laid-back cool if planning your honeymoon. There are a plethora of Spanish villas where one can stay for complete privacy, and the couple can pick one based on their budget and preferences. There is indeed a wide range of unique villas that are simply ideal for honeymooners. The pristine white sand beaches and the famous sunsets of Ibiza are world famous. Who can resist the much beloved Spanish food, the paella, tapas, soppressata? Try out Hierbas, the anise-based liquor, and the fresh seafood plus the local specialties such as Denton, Sirvia, and Dorada.

Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Cebu and around the World | Cebu Finest

The island also has undergone international influence and serves fabulous Mexican cuisines and Italian cuisines. You will love the hippie influence mixed with a Bohemian vibe that gives Ibiza a unique flavor. You can wander around barefoot out of your hotel, go to the local beachfront bar and relax the way you want. Whether you love the beaches, farmland, or trails, you can look forward to a special honeymoon here. There are numerous options on the island for getting outdoors, and this is the place to be if you love snorkeling, diving, hiking. horse-riding and more.

Santorini, Greece

Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Cebu and around the World | Cebu Finest

Santorini is a honeymooner’s dream, what with those white villages on cliffs and overlooking the sea. Everywhere you look, you feel surrounded by romantic scenery and delicious food that promise some good times. Santorini is indeed a great destination for the couple looking forward to spending quality time together, away from family and friends. You are sure to remember those relaxing days for the rest of your life. Enjoy exploring the spectacular interior and some of the gorgeous beaches in Greece. You can just sit by the poolside or by the sea and enjoy those relaxing days. With plenty of options for shopping, wine tasting, and great dining, Santorini is an ideal location for honeymooners in Greece.

Edinburgh, Scotland

If you are planning an unforgettable honeymoon, then head straight for Edinburgh, Scotland. Those designer shops and delicious dining plus elegant hotels are the right formulae that make a perfect honeymoon. Take advantage of the variety of attractions here and let your romance blossom. Explore the Scottish National Gallery, walking hand in hand and see some of the most exquisite artwork in the world form famous names such as Vermeer, Titian, Constable, Rembrandt, Botticelli, and others.

Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Cebu and around the World | Cebu Finest

Enjoy your coffee at Garden Café or the Scottish Café, enjoying the stunning views of Princes Street Gardens. A good way to add some glow to your romantic rendezvous by visiting the finest castles such as Dundas Castle, Glengorm, and Iron Age Forts.

Paris, France

Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Cebu and around the World | Cebu Finest

Only lucky couple get to spend their honeymoon in France’s City. For centuries, couples and lovers have agreed that there is no other place more romantic than Paris. It is perhaps the art and architecture, the food and wine or the elegant French language, or all of it that make the city’s seductions. Paris is a romantic city to honeymoon in, but you can always explore the regions around and take advantage of Europe’s Eurostar trains that can take you to other thrilling locations near Paris. Enjoy the relaxed French lifestyle as you look at the Eiffel tower or simply wander around on the cobblestone streets.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a fish-shaped isle that is located in the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean. April and May, and September and October are the best weather here. There is a lot for the couples to do and see here at the land of 10,000 temples. Explore Bukit Badung peninsula and Gunung Agung and visit the town of Ubud to get familiar with the culture of Bali. Check out art galleries and craft villages, the Puri Lukisan Museum and the woodcarving, jewelry, painting. You can enjoy outdoor adventures such as camping, trekking, and white-water rafting. Dance all night in the Kuta/Legian beach area or enjoy Bali’s nightlife.

Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Cebu and around the World | Cebu Finest

In the province of Cebu, there are also breath-taking destinations for an unforgettable honeymoon. The white sand beaches, food, services and amenities, and the Cebuano hospitality will surely be something worth experiencing and remembering. Cebu, being one of the primary travel destinations in the Philippines, can give couples the best and exciting experience in Cebu for their honeymoon.

Bantayan Island, Cebu

Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Cebu and around the World | Cebu Finest

Bantayan Island offers a quiet location for the couple and away from the crowds. The resorts and villas are excellent and very hospitable. Enjoy local cuisines and fresh seas food. This is a beautiful island where one can spend quality time alone and together. One can take the ferry or go swimming. The people are warm and friendly while the beaches are the cleanest.

Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

The historical resort city is immensely popular among n honeymooners because of its amazing resorts and great spas in an area like Movenpick and Crimson. This is a very budget friendly option as those luxury resorts come packed with private pools, wellness & spa, and Jacuzzi along with high-end interiors and furniture.

Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Cebu and around the World | Cebu Finest

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The rich culture and history of Cebu certainly make your honeymoon a memorable one. You can swim with the whale sharks or go canyoneering, which is an exciting adventure.

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