Six Cebuano delicacies you can order anytime, anywhere at TheBastap

TheBastap, one of Cebu north’s favorite homegrown native delicacy brands, is going online with its new look and packaging to better serve loyal patrons and potential customers anywhere in the world amid the pandemic.

Six Cebuano delicacies you can order anytime, anywhere at TheBastap | CebuFinest

Six Cebuano delicacies you can order anytime, anywhere at TheBastap

Located in Carmen, TheBastap started as a popular bus stopover for passengers from and to the north of Cebu in 2012, hence its name. It became one of the popular stopovers where people can eat and buy native delicacies such as pasalubong.

In fact, the brand has already received orders from New York and Canada through their Facebook Page. Can’t wait to order? Check out these top 6 TheBastap favorites that you can try:

1) Otap

Otap | CebuFinest

Otap is a thin oval-shaped sugar-coated cookie that originated from Cebu. It’s made from flour, shortening, coconut, and sugar. TheBastap’s Otap comes in classic and malunggay flavors.

2) Rosquillos

Rosquillos | CebuFinest

Rosquillos is a flower-shaped cookie that has a hole in the center. It is made from flour, eggs, shortening, sugar, and baking powder.

3) Galletas de Bastap

Galletas de Bastap | CebuFinest

Galletas is also a flower-shaped biscuit made from flour, baking powder, butter, eggs, and with TheBastap’s special ingredient to make it savory.

4) Eggnog

Eggnog | CebuFinest

Eggnogs are flavorful bite-sized cookies made from fresh eggs, butter, and sugar. It has a cloud-like texture that can melt in your mouth.

5) Patatas

Patatas | CebuFinest

Patatas are thick and square-shaped biscuits also known as potato crackers.

6) Huevos

Huevos | CebuFinest

Huevos or egg cracklets are derived from the Spanish word “huevo” which means egg.

“People don’t have to go to Carmen to enjoy our products. We’re making our traditionally-made delicacies available online so anyone who’s craving for them can order anytime, anywhere. We don’t want our native delicacy lovers to get stopped by the pandemic, instead, we want them to be #UnBASTAPpable in enjoying our products,” said CGBarro Food Chain CEO Charo Gutierrez Barro.

As government units restrict most travel due to the pandemic, TheBastap opens a product hub or branch in Cebu City to serve as a central pick-up point of online orders in Metro Cebu.

TheBastap Product Hubs / Branches
Luyang, Carmen, Cebu, 6005 Central Visayas (+6332) 231 7728
2nd Floor, Piazza Elisea, Talamban, 6000 Cebu City (+6332) 231 7728
Lay’se Café, G. Borraska St., Santa Fe, Cebu, 6047 Central Visayas (+63925) 544 6318

Six Cebuano delicacies you can order anytime, anywhere at TheBastap | CebuFinest

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Other parts of the world can also satisfy their cravings for traditional Cebuano delicacies as they place their orders on Lazada, Shopee, and their own e-commerce site,

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