Trend Micro’s DECODE 2022 calls on Industry to Detect & Respond

Leading cybersecurity company Trend Micro will be holding its annual cybersecurity conference titled DECODE 2022: Detect & Respond this November 28 and 29, 2022. On this year’s two-day virtual event, Trend Micro will bring together the best cybersecurity professionals and experts to discuss industry trends, case studies, and security best practices.

Trend Micro’s DECODE 2022 calls on Industry to Detect & Respond | CebuFinest

Trend Micro’s DECODE 2022 calls on Industry to Detect & Respond

DECODE 2022: Detect & Respond will have six keynote presentations and over 40 sessions across four key tracks. Participants will learn about recent and relevant developments in the security industry, including emerging threats and vulnerabilities, deep fakes, fake news, scams and spam, IoT and critical infrastructures, and threat hunting and incident response.

One of the speakers is Jay Yaneza, Trend Micro’s director of global operations. As one of Trend Micro’s directors, he has extensive knowledge and years of experience with cyber threat research, security operations center (SOC) management, and managed service development.

“This year’s DECODE shines a light on cybersecurity trends and aims to arm IT departments with the necessary knowledge to detect, respond, and remain ahead of threats, especially as the landscape continuously evolves,” remarked Yaneza.

“Cybersecurity is still the top concern for most chief information officers (CIOs) today, and with this conference, Trend Micro hopes to continue to provide a platform for awareness, learning, and insight-sharing, the way we have done in the past years of DECODE,” Yaneza added.

Shane Cross, head of the Cybercrime Intelligence Unit and Cyber Fusion Center from INTERPOL’s Cybercrime Threat Response Sub-Directorate will also be returning to DECODE this year. Cross leads a team of law enforcement personnel and works with cyber intelligence analysts and private sector partners to tackle cybercrime on a global scale. At last year’s DECODE conference, he talked about how cybercrimes have evolved during the global pandemic and how the cybercrime division operates in partnership with international governments.

Lauren Seawright, currently the FBI Intelligence Assistant Legal Attache (ALAT) assigned to the US Embassy in the Philippines, is also a returning speaker to the conference. Seawright previously worked for the FBI’s Anchorage and Boston Divisions and also served as an intelligence analyst under the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Portland, Maine. Her session last year covered the threat landscape and how it has evolved locally and globally in the past few years.

Charmaine Valmonte and Anton Bonifacio, the chief information security officers (CISOs) of Aboitiz Group and Globe Group Philippines, respectively, will also be speaking at DECODE 2022: Detect & Respond. Valmonte, former vice president for IT risk management and resiliency at UnionBank of the Philippines, has 32 years of experience in IT risk management, cybersecurity operations, and organizational resiliency. Bonifacio, on the other hand, has more than 20 years of expertise in the IT and cybersecurity industries and has “built, grown, and continues to develop one of the largest captive cybersecurity and privacy teams in the country.”

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Capping off the powerhouse roster of speakers is Ryan Flores, Trend Micro’s APAC Forward-Looking Threat Research team senior manager. In a career that spans more than 20 years, Flores has held various positions at Trend Micro such as an antivirus engineer and incident response team manager.

Aligned with their mission of being “Engineered To Do Good,” Trend Micro is set to make DECODE 2022: Detect & Respond a memorable and insightful experience for all.

Registration for DECODE 2022: Detect & Respond is still ongoing. This two-day virtual conference is for IT professionals and students who are looking to expand their cybersecurity knowledge from a local to a global perspective. Register for FREE at

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