Unbox The Fun with Mister Donut in Metro Cebu

Giving so much delight to Cebuanos for more than 20 years, Mister Donut has become part of the list of local favorites for easy-to-grab pasalubong. Available at the bus terminals, local town malls, Mister Donut has now opened dine-in branches for quick afternoon snacks.

Unbox The Fun with Mister Donut in Metro Cebu | Cebu Finest
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Unbox The Fun with Mister Donut

To show their gratitude to their loyal customers, Mister Donut is unboxing a new fun to give excitement to their patrons. As the go-to brand for food souvenir to families and friends, and to give a reason to enjoy bonding moments, Mister Donut is offering more treats to cater to different occasions where food is involved. They are also re-inventing their shops to have a fresher look and appeal to a much cozier food and dining experience.

The well-known doughnut brand has added a variety of colorful and exciting products that will surely make everyone’s gastronomic adventure more enjoyable and more fun. A new beverage line, dubbed as the “Mister Donut Brewzees” will be introduced as the perfect partner to donuts and the dine-in meals in the menu. A cold brewed coffee-based drink perfect for any time of the day is undeniably one of the best in the industry. This is their take in developing a unique Mister Donut coffee product line that will give an appeal to their customers.

Unbox The Fun with Mister Donut in Metro Cebu | Cebu Finest
The Strawberry and Cream Wicked Puffs
Unbox The Fun with Mister Donut in Metro Cebu | Cebu Finest
The Belgian Chocolate Wicked Puffs

The “Wicked Puffs” are wickedly indulgent donut puffs that are freshly fried on the spot and served hot at selected shops. Customers can choose from different sprinkles, toppings, and swirls available in the shop to add more sweetness and color. Hazelnut, Strawberry and Cream, and Belgian Chocolate are the options to choose from. The new food product is a fun treat to make the Mister Donut experience for fun. Each serving has 6 pieces fried donut puffs for only ₱35.

New Fun Times in Metro Cebu

Cebu will experience these new treats starting June 24, 2017, at all Mister Donut shops. Special promos will be offered on this launch day with the Buy 1 Take 2 specials and the Free Ube Choco Cake. Customers will need to present the promo coupons at the shop to avail these fun treats.

Unbox The Fun with Mister Donut in Metro Cebu | Cebu Finest
Sample promo coupons for the “Unbox The Fun” Launching Day on June 24, 2017.

A customer is encouraged to purchase a dozen Bavarian Donuts, and automatically take a box of 8-piece assorted Choco Cake Donuts and a box of 20-piece of Smidgets.

Drop by the Mister Donut branches and Unbox The Fun with the whole family!

For more details about Mister Donut in the Philippines, follow their official Facebook Page.

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