What exactly happens if you fail to register your SIM?

Since the telcos launched their SIM Registration platforms last December 27, over 20.4 million Filipinos have already registered their SIMs, with Smart subscribers taking the lead with 10.3 million registrants as of January 16.

What exactly happens if you fail to register your SIM? | CebuFinest

What exactly happens if you fail to register your SIM?

According to the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), all subscribers are given a period of 180 days, or until April 26, 2023, to register their SIMs. The registration may be extended by the DICT for a period not exceeding 120 days.
But what exactly happens if you fail to register your SIM within the deadline? The SIM Registration Law states that all unregistered SIMs shall be automatically deactivated, which comes with all these hassles:
1) No outgoing and incoming calls. You can’t make or take urgent and important calls to and from your family and friends or communicate with your colleagues at school, work, or business.
2) No sending and receiving messages. On top of being unreachable to family and friends through text, you’ll also go through the horrors of not being able to get your One-Time Password (OTP), which is now a common security feature in many social media apps, digital banking services, and online shopping sites linked to your account.
3) No internet access. The Internet has become essential in our increasingly digital world. And more than not being able to enjoy your favorite apps and sites, having no internet access also means getting cut off from important information and services that make life simpler and easier.
4) No load balances. Once your SIM is deactivated, all your remaining load balances will be forfeited.
Users who missed the deadline and got their SIMs deactivated may still process the reactivation of their SIMs not later than five days after the period set by the law.

Avoid all these hassles by registering your Smart and TNT SIM now

Avoid all these hassles by registering your Smart and TNT SIM now! Smart Prepaid and TNT subscribers can register their SIM and get 3 GB FREE data upon completing these three easy steps:
Step 1. Visit the portal at https://www.smart.com.ph/simreg    
Step 2. Input your information and upload your valid ID  
Step 3. Wait for an SMS confirmation and get 3 GB FREE Data
Smart is also making SIM Registration more convenient for postpaid subscribers, who simply need to confirm the personal information and IDs they submitted for their postpaid plan application. To do this confirmation, subscribers need to text YES to 5858. They shall then receive a confirmation message from Smart upon successful SIM Registration and get 3 GB FREE data.

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By registering your SIM now, you can continue to enjoy all the value-packed offers and amazing experiences from both Smart and TNT, powered by the country’s widest LTE network.

Know more about registering your Smart and TNT SIM at https://smart.com.ph/Pages/simreg-faqs.

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