The Rancho Cancio Getaway Experience

To be honest with you, the city life is not that bad, but of course, we sometimes need to get rid of the hustle bustle of the busy streets, hectic work schedules and traffic. Here in Cebu City, we just found a new place to spend a closer encounter with nature and to enjoy a relaxing feel-at-home scenery away from home. This is my experience with Rancho Cancio.

The Rancho Cancio Getaway Experience | Cebu Finest

The perfect getaway at Rancho Cancio

Rancho Cancio is a private rest house located at the mountainous barangay of Adlaon, Cebu City. It is kilometers away from Ayala Heights in Busay and it’s quite far as it took us around an hour and a half to travel. My colleagues from work and I met at Cebu IT Park and we rented a jeepney to go there.

The travel makes you wait and wait and really wait until you will arrive to a wonderful place, a Japanese, zen- inspired house in white and black, and dark chocolate frames, surrounded with glass windows and the green marks of nature.

The wait from the traveling is worth it.

The Rancho Cancio Getaway Experience | Cebu Finest

When you arrive there, you will be greeted by the very hospitable and skilled house staff. Also, this little fellow will welcome you warmly to his humble home in the mountain view of Adlaon. I would like you to meet, Snoopy.

The Rancho Cancio Getaway Experience | Cebu Finest

Not only that, the sapphire water of the infinity pool will really attract and attempt you to jump right away and touch the tip of the pool and watch over the view of the greenest mountains of Adlaon, which is 33 kilometers away from main city Cebu.

Rancho Cancio is a private-owned, exclusive getaway place for the family and friends, ideal place for parties, team building, and vacation destination. One of the house helpers informed us that there will be an upcoming wedding reception, which I believe is a good pick to spend time with the newly wedded couple and their families.

The Rancho Cancio Getaway Experience | Cebu Finest

The Rancho Cancio Getaway Experience | Cebu Finest

They serve breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. You can also avail their buffet services or you can bring you own food with additional charges. Servings are international and fusion cuisine from Mexican, and Italian. They also offer Filipino dishes. They even serve home-made cookies like cinnamon and oatmeal for dessert which I really love.

The Rancho Cancio Getaway Experience | Cebu Finest

The Rancho Cancio Getaway Experience | Cebu Finest

The Rancho Cancio Getaway Experience | Cebu Finest

Right after you have lunch or dinner, you can walk around the place and enjoy the view of the mountains in Adlaon so green they are like paintings in the living room. You can also feel the touch of the soft breeze to get rid of your stress (but it’s so cold at night the pool will be covered with fog that when you breathe it feels like it’s snowing. It usually happen around midnight so don’t forget to bring your jackets and long pants).

The Rancho Cancio Getaway Experience | Cebu Finest

Rooms are available in family size or huge groups of 20’s. Since I went there for a team building, we took the room with many double-decked beds like the army bunkers.

The Rancho Cancio Getaway Experience | Cebu Finest

We paid ₱650.00 per head for the accommodation. Food is around ₱250 per set (breakfast, lunch or dinner) and the management can give you their menu of many choices.

The Rancho Cancio Getaway Experience | Cebu Finest

The Rancho Cancio Getaway Experience | Cebu Finest

Rancho Cancio Reservation Details

– Overnight stay would require minimum of 10 persons maximum of 40
– Ocular visit is possible as long as you have contacted the owner prior to going to Rancho Cancio
– This is a privately-owned rest house which is open for public use only through reservation
– Owner has the right to not validate on-the-spot visits if no reservation or contact done before going to the venue
– On-the-spot visits are highly discouraged; caretakers will not entertain ocular visits if during a specific time there are reserved guests

Accommodation and Expenses

Accommodation Fee

Day Use – ₱200 per head
Overnight – ₱600 to ₱650 per head

A minimum requirement of 10 heads per reservation.

Food (Buffet; menu to be provided by Rancho Cancio)

Breakfast – ₱175 per head
Lunch – ₱250 per head
Dinner ₱250 per head

Reservation is exclusive, with inclusion of swimming pool use, billiard hall, playground area, kitchen and dining area, rooms with double-deck beds.

Bringing of own food may be subjected to additional charges (corkage).

Rates may change without prior notice.

If I have the opportunity to go back there, I definitely will. And I will bring my family or my friends to enjoy nature and I want them to experience Rancho Cancio.

Rancho Cancio surely is one of the best places to getaway from the busy life in the city and enjoy great time with family and friends. Also, an ideal place to cool down during summer.

Please be notified that Rancho Cancio is a privately-owned rest house. Usage of the place are done through reservations only. There are some reports that on-the-spot unreserved guests are going there to have an ocular visit or request to stay without contacting the owner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is your farm open to the public?

No, the farm is private residence/farm which is rented out on a pre-arranged and for exclusive use to one group only.

How much do you charge for Overnight Stay?

A minimum cover charge equivalent to 10 guests for lodging and food will be charged even if there are less than 10 guests. Any number over 10 guests will be charged per additional guest.

How much do you charge for Day-Use?

A minimum cover charge of ₱4000 for Day-Use which will cover the first 20 guest or less. The minimum order for food is one (1) main meal and one (1) merienda good for equivalent to 10 guests.

Why do you have a minimum charge?

Since this is a private residence/farm, we only open the place when we have people renting the place. Otherwise it is closed. Thus, we have a minimum charge to make it worthwhile to open the place.

How many guests can your farm accept for overnight stay?

We can accommodate up to 40 guests.

Do you charge for children’s accommodation 6 years and below?

Any guest/child that will need a bed will be charged for use of the bed. However,if the guest/ child will share a bed, only a minimum fee of ₱200 will charged. For Day-Use, Children 3 years and below are charged ₱100.

How about the meals, do you charge 6 years old & below?

Meals are charged per guest. Children 6 years old & below may share with the other guest food but please be reminded that the food is proportioned per person and NOT EAT ALL YOU CAN.

Can some guest come to the farm but not stay overnight? Is there a charge?

Yes, you may bring guest not staying overnight but this has to be prearranged. A day-use fee of ₱200 will be charged per guest.

Can we order additional food at the farm?

No. All the food is prepared in the city and cooked at the farm. Thus, food quantity is based on the prearranged number of guest. We do stock food at the farm, that is why we cannot do additional orders.

Can we bring our own food?

All main meals such as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner have to be ordered on a prearranged basis based on the menu of the farm. Snack food like are allowed to be brought into the farm without corkage.

Can we bring our own drinks?

Yes, you may bring your own softdrinks and juices, beer and liquor. There will be no corkage charge. But you must bring your own ice in a cooler.

Can we use your refrigerator or freezer for our food or drinks?

We cannot guarantee that there is space in our ref/freezer. However, if there is space we will charge ₱10 per bottle of drinks and ₱30 per kg. of food.

Can you provide for lechon?

Lechon is available bought directly from a local lechonero. This has to be prearranged and prepaid. Although price is slightly higher than city price. You may bring your own whole lechon on a prearranged basis. A corkage of ₱400 will be charged.

What is the size of your pool and how deep, is it chlorinated?

We have a 5m x 12m swimming pool. The shallow part is 4-1/2 ft and the deep part is 6-1/2ft. We use a minimal amount of chlorine and use Ionized Filter Technology which means that the water is 95% chemical/chlorine free. You can swim the whole day like you were swimming in fresh water. You will notice the birds swoop down to drink from the pool on occasions.

Can we bring our own karaoke machine or do you rent one?

Yes, you may bring your own karaoke machine but we would like to request you to lower the volume after 9PM in consideration to the neighbors. We can provide a machine but this has to be pre-arranged as this come from the city.

Note: Owner has requested to have the contact details be removed from this website. We do not have the right to display such information as we are neither the direct owner nor partnered with this establishment. Please be informed that we have done this to respect the privacy of others. cannot provide/display the contact details on the website, as per request and advise from the owner. Contact details and other reservation related inquiries for Rancho Cancio, please drop us a message through the Contact Us Page, with the subject line, “Rancho Cancio”.

If you happen to stay at Rancho Cancio before, please let us know and share your story with us.

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  • JM

    hello. I would like to ask if there are any other ways of transportation to get at that place. Except from having your own car. Thanks!

    • Hi JM,

      You can try and look for rent-a-car services and ask them if they can send you to Rancho Cancio in Adlaon.

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  • jeeezee

    Hi 🙂 how to make reservations here?

    • Hi Jeeezee,

      Please send us a message on our “Contact” page for further instructions on your query.

      Thank you.

    • Hi Jeeezee,

      Good day!

      Please drop us a message on our Contact form so I can provide you with further details.

      Thank you!

  • leody antopina

    Hi Good afternoon,

    we are so interested with rancho cancio since our company had our budget for temabuilding we prefer to go there.. with this i would like to ask for a direct contact person so that i can call them for furter wuiries and reservations..Please send me through my email add

    Thank you,


    • Hi Leody,

      Good day!

      Please drop us a message on our Contact form so I can provide you with further details.

      Thank you!

  • Mary Elizabeth Yap

    Hi. My office mates and I plan to go there. I would like to ask for the available dates on December and a contact person for more of our inquiries. Thank you!
    Please email me at

    • Hi Mary,

      Good day!

      Please drop us a message on our Contact form so I can provide you with further details.

      Thank you!

  • aldwin balugo

    Hi wanted to reserve an overnight stay this coming Dec 30. Please send me details Thanks!

    • Hi Aldwin,

      Good day!

      Please drop us a message on our Contact form so I can provide you with further details.

      Thank you!

  • Joriel Mabitad

    please email me your contact information for questions and eventually book your place. email me at

    • Hi Joriel,

      Good day!

      Please drop us a message on our Contact form so I can provide you with further details.

      Thank you!