5 Reasons Why we need to Celebrate Cebuano food with Sugbo Mercado

We couldn’t deny the fact that Cebuanos love food. They aren’t even shy to show their pride to their homegrown delicacies and specialties to travelers as well. With the diversity of foreign cuisine present in the region, they still push their local Cebuano food to the scene, and it is one of the factors that helped Cebu become the ideal travel destination for food in the Philippines.

Sugbo Mercado introduced the fun way to have bazaars and food fairs into another level. | CebuFinest

5 Reasons Why we need to Celebrate Cebuano food with Sugbo Mercado

Sugbo Mercado introduced the fun way to have bazaars and food fairs into another level. For the past years, Cebu’s favorite weekend food market has also showcased a lot of gastronomic surprises and more entertaining activities to diners who have been patronizing them since the start. As they celebrate their 5th anniversary this month, here are the 5 reasons why we need to celebrate Cebuano food with Sugbo Mercado:

1) A great avenue for potential entrepreneurs to establish their food business

You might be wondering why some of the food stalls at Sugbo Mercado are from restaurants you haven’t heard of. It is because they are not restaurants at all. The varieties of food being served are from home cooks who wanted to venture into the local Cebuano food business. Way back in 2017, Sugbo Mercado opened their first-ever “Foodtrepreneur Challenge”, a live selling and taste testing competition at the food market grounds. Since then, Sugbo Mercado became the best place for the best of the best of food in Cebu.

2) An easy access for good food and fun in Cebu City with family and friends

We all know that there are lots of restaurants around Cebu. If the difficulty to decide where to have dinner with friends or co-workers, it has become easier for us to choose Sugbo Mercado as an option. Located at the Garden Bloc in Cebu IT Park, the vicinity is nearby other establishments for entertainment and leisure. It is also very easy to go to for a straightforward dining destination with lots of food variety to choose from.

3) A haven to experience food beyond local

It is true indeed that Sugbo Mercado’s goal is to forefront local food to multicultural diners. They have been successful in introducing Cebu’s best food to both local and foreign guests. The presence of diverse cuisine, however, gave Cebuanos the opportunity to also experience International flavors while they patronize local homegrown delicacies. This also gives home cooks and foodtrepreneurs to showcase their creativity to come up with fusion dishes infused with local tastes familiar to Cebuanos.

4) The best way for foreigners to discover local Cebuano food

When we have foreign friends who visit Cebu and would like to discover our local cuisine, Sugbo Mercado is the best place to bring them. This is prominently true when we have no time to travel outside the city to let them taste the chicharron from Carcar or the masi from Liloan. Sugbo Mercado has its take of local delicacies as well. It gathers every local food in one place and it is easier for us to introduce our very own local food to travelers from abroad that way.

5) A gastronomic landmark for food enthusiasts

You can find almost everything at Sugbo Mercado, from Cebu’s famous lechon, the beer-drinking food like Sisig, street food like isaw and balut, the internationally-known Filipino dessert halo-halo, and of course, Cebuano’s favorite easy-to-grab siomai and pusô, and ngohiong. There are also a lot of international cuisines made available for Cebuanos to try. Not only that, but Sugbo Mercado has also become a place to celebrate with new friends and to reunite with the old ones. For the past five years, it is now Cebu’s favorite go-to weekend food market that gives the full experience of food and fun in the city.

For the past five years, it is now Cebu's favorite go-to weekend food market that gives the full experience of food and fun in the city. | CebuFinest

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As we are in the phase of New Normal amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Sugbo Mercado opens its doors for everyone to enjoy the safe choice of outdoor dining. They continue to be Cebu’s favorite food market operating in a new schedule every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 12 NN to 9 PM.

They also integrated sanitation and health protocols like wearing a face mask, contactless payments like GCash, social distancing, and washing of hands. There will be contactless registry for contact tracing, as well as a quick-scan for temperature screening and disinfection. Food delivery is also available via foodpanda and LEB Mobile.

On its 5th anniversary this year, Sugbo Mercado continues to welcome guests and food enthusiasts to this new world of outdoor dining giving the same experience on food and fun in the city.

To know more about their dining program, follow Sugbo Mercado on Facebook.

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