Never mess with Masi that sticks

Cebuanos are considered to have a very discriminating taste, which would make it a challenge to satisfy their desire for good food. This sophisticated taste is evident in the existence of a large number of delicacies available in various parts of the island. Cebu is home to a variety of home-grown delicacies. Although the best bibingka in Cebu can be found in Mandaue City, the Liloan masi is the best you can find anywhere in the province, if not in the region.

The Liloan masi is the best you can find anywhere in the province, if not in the region | CebuFinest

Never mess with Masi that sticks

Masi is a glutinous rice ball with peanuts and muscovado filling from Cebu, Philippines. It is made from sweetened ground soaked glutinous rice (galapong) shaped into little balls with a filling of chopped roasted peanuts and muscovado or brown sugar.

There are actually two methods of making masi. It is boiled in water until it floats. It can also be steamed. It is traditionally sold wrapped in banana leaves from a story told about then 71-year-old Manang Masi, or Larding Pepito, who is a native of Liloan, Cebu, selling Masi.

Masi can be modified to use different fillings, like chocolate or peanut butter. Coconut milk may also be used to give the dough a creamier flavor.

It even got its spotlight at Kapuso Mo: Jessica Soho’s segments, “Kakainin For The Win!” and “Pinoy Kakanin”.

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It has been made popular in the town of Liloan mainly because all the needed ingredients are easily sourced within the area.

You can buy masi from these following stores:

  • In Liloan
  • Lola Pureza’s Inc.
  • Cebu La Fortuna Bakery, Inc.
  • Leading malls in Cebu like SM, Ayala Center Cebu, JY Square, and more
  • Shamrock Pasalubong Center
  • Pasalubong Centers

Masi is sometimes anglicized as peanut rice balls. It is related to Moche from Pampanga, Mache from Laguna, Buchi from China (also known as Jian dui, sesame seed balls), and Palitaw from Pangasinan, which are prepared similarly.

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