Checklist: 4 Moving in Must-haves for your next Home

You’ve taken that step and now you are moving in into a new home. That’s fantastic. What’s a little less exciting, though, is that you now have to figure out what you’re going to bring into your new place this time. Moving into a new space can be overwhelming, but don’t let it spoil the thrill of closing a deal on one’s own apartment that you have searched for in a long time. One of the most exciting things about it is being able to decorate the place to one’s liking.

Checklist: 4 Moving in Must-haves for your next Home | CebuFinest

Checklist: 4 Moving in Must-haves for your next Home

It requires time and effort. Moving also demands a significant amount of deciding and organizing. It’s not always simple to know where to begin. So, let’s run down the basics you’ll need for your big move, and fill it with these four home must-haves that can be found in AyalaMalls Central Bloc:

1) Comfortable Beddings

Comfortable Beddings | CebuFinest
Effie Exclusive 3 piece panel Bed | Ashley Furniture

Getting a good night’s sleep is the best way to end a long and tiring day out. Invest in a quality bed with the right size, firmness, and thickness. Consider overall comfort when buying beddings. Make sure to choose breathable and cool sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. Pick pillows that are soft but firm enough to give appropriate support to the spine to avoid chronic neck and back problems. Find good deals at Ashley Furniture Homestore, Daiso Japan, and Mini Good on the third floor.

2) Good Quality Appliances

Good Quality Appliances | CebuFinest
LG Smart Inverter One Door Refrigerator | Asian Home Appliance

New homeowners must start with the basics like a good refrigerator to store food, a standard electric fan to keep cool, a microwave or toaster for reheating food, and a coffee maker for daily morning caffeine. Check out Asian Home Appliance on the fourth floor. It is also wise to invest in an air purifier to help promote clean air and reduce any airborne contaminants in a home. Find this at Mi Concept Store on the fourth floor.

3) Storage Organizers

Storage Organizers | CebuFinest
Storage Organizers | Japan Home Center

Keeping things neat when settling into a new home makes all the difference. To achieve a place that looks put together, storage containers and baskets or mini shelves are the way to go. Fully Booked on the ground floor is where one can find all sorts of organizers like bookstands, pencil holders, and a mini shelf. On the third floor, Japan Home Centre also has plenty of storage choices in all shapes and sizes.

4) Trusty Tableware

Trusty Tableware | CebuFinest
Hamilton Beach BLack 14 piece Kitchen Tool Set | True Value

Having a reliable set of kitchen and dining essentials will be useful when guests are over or in the mood for a simple yet sophisticated dinner setting. For bargain finds, Metro Supermarket at the first basement has utensils and cups that are great for parties or potlucks while True Value on the third floor is another treasure trove of timeless pieces.

BONUS: A personal treat or two

There’s no better feeling than coming home to a well-furnished home. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of that bonus point. That will help you feel more at home and will relieve stress by rewarding yourself at the end of your long first moving-in day. AyalaMalls Central Bloc offers a wide variety of restaurants that serve diverse cuisine to satisfy your tastebuds, as well as to treat yourself for the hard work.

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