Facing the New Normal for Mobility Needs

The COVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted almost every aspect of people’s lives, as well as, the global economy. With that, a new normal that requires maintaining physical distancing and safe hygienic practices have been established by the government.

Facing the New Normal for Mobility Needs | Cebu Finest

Facing the New Normal for Mobility Needs

Although the Philippines was placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine since March 17, the government announced new guidelines to gradually ease the lockdown and slowly open up the economy starting May 16, moving the NCR to a Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ). With the shift in status, still, mobility will remain limited, particularly public transportation, due to government measures to limit the virus from further spreading.

According to an article by Moovit, the world experienced a decline in public transportation from about 70 percent to 90 percent among commuters from January to April this year.

Another study also said that the greatest risk for a person to get ill is exposure to mass gatherings, particularly public transportation, because of exposure to crowds or contact with surfaces touched by people such as handrails and door handles.

Facing the New Normal for Mobility Needs | Cebu Finest

This reinforces the importance of not only physical distancing but minimized travel aside from staying at home. So when you can finally go out, it will be important to consider more clever ways of commuting. One such way will be investing in motorcycles as a means of solo transportation.

Motorcycles can become a reliable and convenient mode of transportation, especially during these trying times that commuters need to remain safe from crowds along with the added protection of full-face helmets and face masks.

Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI), the No. 1 Motorcycle Manufacturer in the Philippines joins the country as it works to meet the challenges posed by the global health crisis through promoting physical distancing and providing a safe and convenient mode of mobility.

“This pandemic is expected to remain with us throughout the year. So, we must ensure the safety of Filipinos by providing the possible transportation solutions that will allow mobility at a reasonable price, yet keep them safe,” said Susumu Mitsuishi, President of HPI.

The array of cutting-edge motorcycles busy on the streets, such as the Honda BeAT, Genio, CLICK, and the PCX150 is an indication that Honda’s AT bikes are becoming predominant.

This signifies that the company has been true to its “ONE DREAM” campaign, which is helping fulfill people’s dreams while experiencing the joy of mobility. And in today’s reality, provide a safer way for people staying home to still access badly needed necessities and return to work for their living.

Facing the New Normal for Mobility Needs | Cebu Finest

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“It brings us great fulfillment that our motorcycles are of great importance especially during these days, bringing safety for people against the dangerous virus,” Mitsuishi said.

There is a lot more to explore from Honda’s wide array of motorcycles. For more details about Honda products and promos, visit their website at website www.hondaph.com and follow their Facebook Page and Instagram.

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